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Lucky Number Seven My All Male Hawt Hollywood PNR List

in Paranormal Romance

If I had my way, all the paranormal romance books I love would turn into awesome Hollywood blockbusters.   Casting is key, if only I had Spielberg on speed dial to cast my favorite alpha male characters for the big screen.  These are the top 7 male characters from my favorite books and the hawt actors who [...]


One Hot Booklist Series – Books That Make Us Say Oooh-Rah

in All Reviews

        All books are not created equal.  In a series, some books stand out above the rest.   We’ve complied a hot booklist of our Fav books in a series, based on the best of the best, be all that they could be, and books that make us say Oooh-Rah.           [...]

Call Me Sherlock: Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Phantom In the Night Shift Change Mystery Solved

in All Reviews, Paranormal Romance

How do you feel about Sherrilyn Kenyon’s shift change for her B.A.D. series?


Sherrilyn Kenyon, Why We Will Still Buy her ‘Schemmy’ Books

in All Reviews, Paranormal Romance

Ok her latest releases after Achreon, well let’s be honest, kind of deserve a schemmy (to steal a Kathy Griffin-ism). Understandably, anything after Acheron is going to be a bit of a let down, but come on, no more ‘filler’ books!! Her latest release Dream Warrior, was not bad; it was no Night Play, (Vane [...]