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Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson Series: It Was Love At First Bite

in 5 Star Reviews, Paranormal Romance

I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump. Nothing seems to have been piquing my interest and I was starting to get worried that I need a break from romance. Sacrilege, I know! So along comes Ms. Harper with her vampire series and I am once again smitten. Wicked-nasty sense of humor, check, awesome [...]


Some of My New Favorite Fanged and Fabulous Series

in All Reviews, Paranormal Romance

Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series This is one of the best vampire series that I have read to date! Cat Crawford is not your average young woman. She was born half-vampire and half-human after her mother experienced an encounter with a newly turned vampire. After years of listening to her mother’s bigotry regarding her half-vampire [...]