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Who is Jaid Black?

in Erotic Romance

Guest Post by Queen B from the ever so funny blog Royally Bitchy As some of you may know, I love KC for many, many reasons. The greatest among them? Our mutual love for Jaid Black. Who is Jaid Black, you say? *gasp and sputter* You don’t know the mighty charms of Jaid Black and [...]


The Social Taboo that is Erotica – What’s Up With the Bad Rap?

in Erotic Romance

Erotica is the “x-games” of romance; it’s extreme, graphic and just plain fun. My first foray into erotica was purely by accident and after doing a little research I found a publishing company that offered books of this genre.   Erotica offers online and printed erotica books in just about every fantasy from the absurd to the [...]

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