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Sci-Fi Sex Books…Rarrrw, I Think We Likey!!

in Erotic Romance

I am totally digging Kaitlyn O’Connor’s futuristic romance/erotica novels. I must admit I am a sucker for steamy scenes in outer space, the final frontier and all that. Come on, you know you had a naughty fantasy about Wharf (humanoid alien species capturing helpless earth females….beam me up Scotty!) Anyone…no? Ooops, guess that was just [...]


The Social Taboo that is Erotica – What’s Up With the Bad Rap?

in Erotic Romance

Erotica is the “x-games” of romance; it’s extreme, graphic and just plain fun. My first foray into erotica was purely by accident and after doing a little research I found a publishing company that offered books of this genre.   Erotica offers online and printed erotica books in just about every fantasy from the absurd to the [...]

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