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Why I Took Jaqueline Frank Out of My NEVER AGAIN Pile

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Alas it ‘twas a long time between my favorite authors newest releases and I was starting to froth at the mouth from having reading withdrawals. Here I was with a gracious two-week period of nothing but FREE TIME and I had nothing to read, a cruel Trojan horse of a gift. As I headed off [...]


Bad Moon Rising – The Werehunter’s Romeo and Juliet

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This book has it all, seamless plot sequences weaved intricately from previous books, action and some unfortunate deaths. I read through this book so quickly that I feel like I need to go back through and re-read it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I am most impressed with Ms. Kenyon as she [...]


Christine Feehan Welcome to the Dark Side – Hidden Currents

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Well hello Ms. Feehan and welcome to the dark side, er Drake side.  I like that she is taking her series to an edgier, more rated R version for her readers.  I  like when authors do this as long as it works for the story,  *ahem- J.R. Ward’s Vicious book, not so much. Now, if I [...]


Sci-Fi Sex Books…Rarrrw, I Think We Likey!!

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I am totally digging Kaitlyn O’Connor’s futuristic romance/erotica novels. I must admit I am a sucker for steamy scenes in outer space, the final frontier and all that. Come on, you know you had a naughty fantasy about Wharf (humanoid alien species capturing helpless earth females….beam me up Scotty!) Anyone…no? Ooops, guess that was just [...]