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Smokinhotbooks Laughs They’re Ass*s Off

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Friday Random funny pic – look ma, no hands!


PS Come on how many of you pee  pee your panties when you saw this (KC raises hand)

















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SHB Survived Reading Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill

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#4 Chicagoland Vampire

368 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Kindle $9.99

I think we all need a t-shirt that says, “I survived Hard Bitten“.


Ok, lets address the rumors.  You’ve probably seen quite a few reviews with ‘oh my god pg 352’, or lots of *shock face* and I’ll be honest SHB hesitated for two WHOLE DAYS before purchasing Hard Bitten. So, was it worth the wait…?




Yes and no.


This book is one big BFD (big effin’ deal).  Merit is one of my favorite characters I’ve read in the past two years – unintentionally funny, former English major geek, and full time newish vampire.  HB hooks you right in just like the previous books with the Cadogan House (think vampire dorms) under scrutiny with humans protesting vampires and the Vampire Big Daddy, Darius breathing down Ethan’s neck. Now, there are rumors of vampire raves where humans are being mistreated and with the new drug ‘V’ now infiltrating the ‘houses’.  With Merit still on the not-getting-back-together-Ethan-strike, she has to covertly investigate or the Cadogan House could get taken over.




I was a tad disappointed in how little interaction Ethan and Merit had, especially since we left off with Ethan basically crapping on Merit’s heart *again* and acting like a heartless turd in the previous book.  Alas, if I had my way 80% of the book would be just Ethan and Merit and maybe a few ‘chapter 32s’ (ref. Chapter  32 from Jeaniene Frost books). Hence, why I’m a reader and not a writer *obviously*.  But the few interactions Ethan and Merit have in HB really make your heart melt. I mean even I was shouting ‘take ‘em back Merit!’.


“And you still aren’t convinced my intentions are noble?” {Ethan}

I was being convinced, I thought to myself, but how could I tell him that? How could I confess it without sounding cruel for not believing him completely – and without risking my heart by telling him he’d managed to halfway convince me?


Hard Bitten is just as intense and fast pacedd as the previous books. Although I’m not usually a fan of the yo-yo type relationship between Ethan and Merit, Neill still manages to pull you in and keep your interest.



Some people might be a little surprised/angry/shocked about the one scene that-shall-not-be-named. You might want to wait until the 5th book comes out in November and that’s all I’m going to say (zips lips).


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Happy Mother’s Day From Aidan the Fierce

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Happy Mommy Day!


Note: This was Mr. KC’s idea – my son was not happy with us.   No stuffed animals were harmed while taking this picture.


PS My son showed his enthusiasm  for Mother’s Day this morning by doing the poo poo dance all over Mommy and Mommy’s side of the bed.


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Smokin’ Hot Books Get’s Taken Over – Top 10 Ways Alpha Males Are Like Newborn Babies

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Smexybooks and FictionVixen Have Taken Over Smokin’ Hot Books

Smexy and FV(Sophia):

As many of you know our good friend KC recently made the world a better place by giving birth to the adorable future alpha male Aidan the Fierce. Since she’s up to her ears in diapers, binkies and laundry we thought we’d take advantage of her distracted state and snoop around…err I mean stop by Smokin’ Hot Books and lend a helping hand. So we crawled through the window, (she wouldn’t answer the door)  and got busy doing the dishes, tidying up, and packing up all her smut. Stuff like that. While we were here we thought we’d drop a Top List on her as well. Here we go.




Top 10 Ways Romance Alpha Heroes Are Like Newborn Babies









10. They both get really cranky if you don’t feed them. They also enjoy a nice burp afterwards.


9. They both have a real fondness for nipples.


8.They both have really nasty tempers. A little pat on the butt always helps.


7. They both have a tendency to wake you up at all hours of the night.


6. They both will throw a fit if they can’t snuggle on demand.


5. They both excrete a pungent scent – dark and spicy or is that a diaper?


4. They both can rock the baldie look. Hard.


3.They both appreciate a nice sponge bath.


2. They both are selfish, overbearing, bossy and loud. But we love them anyway.


1. They both have a way of making you fall head over heals in love at first sight.



Please feel free to stalk Fictionvixen and Smexybooks


here FictionVixen Blog and here Smexybooks Blog

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