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Smokinhotbooks Attempts At-Home Waxing

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We’re alive!  As some may have noticed Smokinhotbooks has been MIA for a bit, KC’s been operating on two hours of sleep and K-Khan has no real excuse other than she sold her soul to the world of public accounting. Now that K-Khan’s got into nursing school she has a bit more time on her [...]


RIP Khal Drogo

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*sobs*….*hiccup* …*sobs some more*…. I’d like to dedicate this post to Khal Drogo, you made my Sundays you sexy thang you. Let’s all bow our heads in a moment of silence for his hotness.   Remember when…   and remember this and lets not forget the tent scene (sigh)   Possibly Related Posts: Smokinhotbooks Attempts [...]


Smokinhotbooks Laughs They’re Ass*s Off

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Friday Random funny pic – look ma, no hands!   PS Come on how many of you pee  pee your panties when you saw this (KC raises hand)                                 Possibly Related Posts: Smokinhotbooks Attempts At-Home Waxing RIP Khal Drogo Smokinhotbooks [...]


Smokin’ Hot Books Get’s Taken Over – Top 10 Ways Alpha Males Are Like Newborn Babies

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Smexybooks and FictionVixen Have Taken Over Smokin’ Hot Books Smexy and FV(Sophia): As many of you know our good friend KC recently made the world a better place by giving birth to the adorable future alpha male Aidan the Fierce. Since she’s up to her ears in diapers, binkies and laundry we thought we’d take [...]