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Smokin’ Hot Books Get’s Taken Over – Top 10 Ways Alpha Males Are Like Newborn Babies

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Smexybooks and FictionVixen Have Taken Over Smokin’ Hot Books Smexy and FV(Sophia): As many of you know our good friend KC recently made the world a better place by giving birth to the adorable future alpha male Aidan the Fierce. Since she’s up to her ears in diapers, binkies and laundry we thought we’d take [...]


Welcome Baby Smokin’

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Baby Smokin’ came in to this world on Wednesday the 23rd of March at 8:34 in the morning. His fans waited ever so patiently in the waiting room as having already been kicked out of KC’s delivery room for there being too many people. But we’re not scared of their security guards, or nurse Ratchet; [...]


Guest Author Jennifer Estep Tells Us Her Favorite Curse Word & Giveaway of Venom

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Welcome guest author Jennifer Estep!!!!!! KC: Without giving too much away, what can readers expect with this new installment of your Elemental Assassin series? JE: Of course. Here’s the back cover copy for the book: It’s hard to be a badass assas­sin when a giant is beat­ing the crap out of you. Luck­ily, I never [...]


Giveaway Size Matters and 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Author Stephanie Julian

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1. Sitting on my desk at the moment are a fairy statue from my critique partner Judi Fennell, a small green gargoyle I call Henri, postcards of my book covers, a pack of erotic Greek Ancient Lovers cards a friend picked up for me on her trip, a silver skeleton key, a tiny plastic skull [...]