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Skin Game by Cara McKenna – SHB Highly Recommends

in 4 Star Review, Erotic Romance

Kindle $9.29 (cheaper at Ellora’s Cave) Genre: Exotica (Happy For Now) Publisher Ellora’s Cave Seven days, seven challenges. Twelve strangers. Eight thousand cameras. Only one winner.Welcome to The Ant Farm, a social study in the wilds of interior Alaska, documenting the dynamics between a dozen competitors as they take part in a series of physical [...]


What The Heck Has Smokinhotbooks Been Reading Lately

in 4 Star Review, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Just What in the H has SHB Been Reading Lately – Our ‘What’s Hot Book List’ Ok, I promised myself I’d never utter the words (air quotes) ‘that’s hot’ because Paris Hilton doesn’t need any more claim to fame.  But damn it all if she just didn’t steal an awesome catch phrase. Here are our [...]


One of My Fav Lanyon Characters – Review All She Wrote by Josh Lanyon

in Male Male Romance

Genre M/M Fiction/Mystery #2 in Holmes & Morarity Pages Publisher Samhain Kindle $4.40! Ok, maybe it’s my blond hair and preggie hormones but I didn’t clue in All That She Wrote was sequel to the most awesome(st) Josh Lanyon book evah–> Somebody Killed His Editor. Hand to god, I thought it was another series. If [...]


Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun 5 Star Erotic Romance

in 5 Star Reviews, Erotic Romance

Genre: Erotic Romance Pages: 158 Publisher Ellora’s Cave Kindle: $9.99 *I believe this book is cheaper if purchased at Ellora’s Cave I found this book visiting one of my favorite blogs Smexybooks who mentioned it on her addictive (Friday) Top 10 post. When I read ‘favorite erotic romance this year’ I immediately whipped out my [...]