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Smokinhotbooks Approves the Following Warlord Lovin’ Books

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Since our recent discovery – alright fine, obsession of Kahl Drago from Game of Thrones. We just can’t get enough of guyliner, long hair, and barbarian conquerers.  We’ve been doing some serious research for the cause of some good barbarian lovin’ and here is smokinhot’s list of finger lickin’, warlord lovin, hot barbarian love.   This [...]


Smokinhotbooks Laughs They’re Ass*s Off

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Friday Random funny pic – look ma, no hands!   PS Come on how many of you pee  pee your panties when you saw this (KC raises hand)                                 Possibly Related Posts: Smokinhotbooks Attempts At-Home Waxing RIP Khal Drogo Smokinhotbooks [...]


Happy Mother’s Day From Aidan the Fierce

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Happy Mommy Day!   Note: This was Mr. KC’s idea – my son was not happy with us.   No stuffed animals were harmed while taking this picture.   PS My son showed his enthusiasm  for Mother’s Day this morning by doing the poo poo dance all over Mommy and Mommy’s side of the bed.   [...]


Welcome Baby Smokin’

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Baby Smokin’ came in to this world on Wednesday the 23rd of March at 8:34 in the morning. His fans waited ever so patiently in the waiting room as having already been kicked out of KC’s delivery room for there being too many people. But we’re not scared of their security guards, or nurse Ratchet; [...]