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What The Heck Has Smokinhotbooks Been Reading Lately

in 4 Star Review, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Just What in the H has SHB Been Reading Lately – Our ‘What’s Hot Book List’ Ok, I promised myself I’d never utter the words (air quotes) ‘that’s hot’ because Paris Hilton doesn’t need any more claim to fame.  But damn it all if she just didn’t steal an awesome catch phrase. Here are our [...]


Smokinhotbooks Fav March/April-ish Reads

in 4 Star Review, New Releases, Paranormal Romance

I really had all these posts written (in my head) alas, time got away from me. Without further ado Smokinhotbooks March Reads!   The Art of Seducing Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper Amazon/Kindle Book #2 in Naked Werewolf Series Rating 4   I can’t get enough of Molly Harper, for reals. Loved her first book, [...]


I’ve Got a Lot of Love for A Lot Like Love by Julie James

in 4 Star Review, Contemp Romance

Kindle $6.99 *apparently Amazon print version is under review as of 3/3/11 Genre: Contemporary Romance Pages: 304 Not a series although characters are mentioned from Something About You   Julie James is a new-to-me author I stumbled across this year from stalking my blogger friends. This author is like baked lays; once you read one [...]


Review How to Flirt With A Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

in 4 Star Review, Contemp Romance, Paranormal Romance

Kindle $7.99 Genre: Paranormal Romance/Contemporary #1 in Naked Werewolf Series 384 Pages What happens when you combine Alaska wilderness, werewolves, and a witty heroine? You get happy girls at Smokinhotbooks! Moving on, How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (or as I like to refer to it as Nekkid Werewolf) starts off with Mo (real [...]