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Bios: Sisters who are crazy about everything invovled with paranormal romance, urban fantasy, -heck, books in general.  Evolved from reading R.L. Stine, Chrisopher Pike, Dean Knootz to the wonderful world of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and erotic romance. (Go Man Love)


KC: Starbucks fanatic, recovering diet coke addict (been 6 months since my last dc) and avid reader of any and everything to do with Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, M/M, and a dash of YA.   I blame my paranormal romance addiction to K. Khan and awesome authors who keep my away from my husband. Consider me the CEO of Smokinhotbooks, I’m the commenter, wordpress master, & 100% handle all the marketing.  Yeah thats right, I’m the one stalking you. I’ve roped in K-Khan to help me write reviews.

K-Khan: Starving graduate student in her late 20′s working on becoming a Nurse Practitioner and planning her wedding to Mr. T next May. (Shhh, we won’t tell her what she’s in for).   Fell in love with paranormal romance, thanks to a rainy day at Target’s book shelf, and picked up Christine Feehan’s vampire series (dark haired Carpathian alphas, LOVE IT). I do everything KC tells me, I help out writing reviews, editing, and keep KC from getting off track. It’s a tough  job but someone has to do it.


  1. Jadascrazy

    Hi..we are Tweet pals. I see that you are a budding critic for paranormal erotica. I have been working a plot around in my head involving a vampire, which will include plenty of erotica and the main character is a stripper/dominatrix. My question is, I am at a dilemma as to how to create my “vampire world” in my mind vampires would be accepted into society (as the main Vampire/Pursuer/Lover in this story is an undercover detective) However, I feel like I am plagiarizing if it looks to much like Laurell K Hamilton’s world, or Samantha Sommersby, Charlaine Harris etc…so many authors are writing about vampires as mainstreamed Americans and while I try not to be too influenced by their versions, and plan to try and create my own sub plot as to how Vampires came to be ‘out of the closet’ I just don’t want to seem to be a copy cat. But there are only so many ways you can socialize vampires into mainstream society…any ideas as to how to keep from looking like a copy cat? Obviously I am influenced by my favorite authors but I certainly don’t want to copy them. I would appreciate any ideas you have! And look forward to letting you be a critic for my book, although it will be a while before that is complete…
    Thanks so much!
    P.S. I love your Twitter page!

  2. admin

    Hey fellow tweet pal,

    I’ve been mulling this over for awhile and I completely see your dilemma. How do you make vampires interesting without seeming like a copycat? A lot of authors are inspired by one another, it’s how they write and create their stories, that seperate them from the copycats:) The other day, I was reading J.R. Ward and she mentions something in her book that was so Lora Leigh.

    I think what most intrigues me on any story is the Genesis or how vampires came to be. A lot of authors are creating their own take on how vampires came to be and their own paranormal world. I think that is most interesting. Most readers have read about fangs, sucking blood, seduction, I think they are looking for more of a unique outlook. Nalini Singh’s new series, briefly mentioned on how vampires are made, Angel’s have a toxin and they need to release it (totally para phrasing here), wala you have vampires. Also, another idea might be to not completely focus on vampires, authors nowadays are creating their own demonic world, Larissa Ione, Kreseley Cole, etc. It allows them to write about vampires, demons, zombies, werewolves and take their series into many different directions

    With your current plot line, for some reason I’m totally vibing Blade Runner meets Alien Nation. I’ve also thought it would be interesting to have vampire clans, tattoos a must! Ex Viking Vampires:tall dark, warriors, accent included Dragon Clan: abilities might have something to do with fire, although his might be difficult as mainstream vampires fear fire… anyhoo these different vampire clans would have different abilities and hierarchies. You could create many twists, what clans don’t get along, and their cultures (this is where you can sexy) etc.

    Hopefully this was somewhat helpful :)

    Happy Writing!

  3. I have no idea why but I hardly ever read anyone’s About US/Me page. Seriously going to remedy that! Sheez! The things one can learn by doing that!