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RIP Khal Drogo

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*sobs*….*hiccup* …*sobs some more*….

I’d like to dedicate this post to Khal Drogo, you made my Sundays you sexy thang you. Let’s all bow our heads in a moment of silence for his hotness.


Remember when…


and remember this

and lets not forget the tent scene (sigh)


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  1. You should post the video where Daenerys decides to take charge in their tent o’ love.

  2. @KB dude, I totally put in that vid on my first Game of Thrones post. I watched it over and over and over again. Still do.

  3. My heart is racing just looking at these pics. This man is seriously sex on a stick. sweet baby jesus *fans self* and I WILL be seeing the Conan remake now. YES PLEASE!!

  4. Wait…. What?!

    I only got to see the first ep and he’s already gone? WTH? NO!!!!!!


  5. That clip is what made me start watching the show. (**sniff**) I’ll miss you Khal.

  6. *sobs* Noooooooo!!!! I’ll miss him. Lucky for me he’ll live on in my fantasies. (<–did I say that out loud?)

    Definitely going to see Conan! Only because I'm sure hubs wants to. That's the only reason. Really.

  7. I am most definitely NOT a Conan fan. But I will be seeing the new one because Mr. Jason Momoa is starring in it and we get to see him half naked throughout the movie. Hells yeah!!!! :-}
    And RIP Khal Drogo. I will miss you next season. :’-(

  8. I’ll join those who are looking forward to seeing Conan!

  9. @pam i’m hiring a baby sitter so i can see Conan.
    @Melissa er…um…spoiler alert to late to mention now?
    @Jen I miss you already Drogo
    @Patti right *wink wink*
    @Monique half nekkid Jason Momoa, yes please
    @Erica marking the release date on my calendar
    @sophia *sobs really hard*

  10. Sylvia

    I will seriously miss Drogo and his moobs. They were glorious indeed.

  11. Saw the ep due to a free HBO weekend. *SOBS* NOOOOooooooooo……

  12. Barbara

    I already miss you Sun & Stars Drogo… Why do this incredible and the most sexy ever character!!! and died by this WITCH!!! Maybe the writter can do a remake to us, DROGO’S fans… hahhaha

  13. *sobs* so sad. Full on cried. My sister watched it before me and I should have figured out from the look she gave me before I watched it what happened. I loved him. So sexy. Am definitely going to see Conan! *sobs* still tear up just thinking about it :’( Best character (excluding dani) in the entire show n they kill him off. Damn you HBO and George R R Martin!!! If a woman had written it he would still be alive!

  14. Lexinah

    I was just checking out the first episode of this show…when I saw Khal Drogo….

    By 48 hours later, I had watched the entire season and was totally heart broken to see Khal Drogo die. Today, I’m googling like mad to see more of Jason Momoa. I now have to backtrack and watch everything he’s done in the past. He is the finest, hottest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

    Let’s keep hope alive, maybe next season there will be scenes looking back on the history of his tribe or something and he will be back. A girl can only hope.

  15. He has beautiful hair @@

    Very nice and funny

    Looooooooooooool ^^