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Smokinhotbooks Laughs They’re Ass*s Off

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Friday Random funny pic – look ma, no hands!


PS Come on how many of you pee  pee your panties when you saw this (KC raises hand)

















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  1. KC you do know its Thursday right? LMFAO

  2. @Nat *coughs* Yes, Yes I do. I posted it early thinking no one would comment until Friday. Really, I’m just a big fraidy cat of the schedule thingy on wordpress. I’ve been effed one too many times with that thing!

  3. lmfao it always works for me KC ;) I love you even if you are a few hours early…and I totally thought that was a boob and not a kid.

  4. LOL! She’s smothering that baby!

    I first looked at it and was wondering what was wrong with that one boob… lol

  5. Way too funny! As a breastfeeding mama right now I can see how this would seem to work, only not. I LOVE my Hooter Hiders breast feeding cover. And it wasn’t that expensive!