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SHB Survived Reading Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill

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#4 Chicagoland Vampire

368 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Kindle $9.99

I think we all need a t-shirt that says, “I survived Hard Bitten“.


Ok, lets address the rumors.  You’ve probably seen quite a few reviews with ‘oh my god pg 352’, or lots of *shock face* and I’ll be honest SHB hesitated for two WHOLE DAYS before purchasing Hard Bitten. So, was it worth the wait…?




Yes and no.


This book is one big BFD (big effin’ deal).  Merit is one of my favorite characters I’ve read in the past two years – unintentionally funny, former English major geek, and full time newish vampire.  HB hooks you right in just like the previous books with the Cadogan House (think vampire dorms) under scrutiny with humans protesting vampires and the Vampire Big Daddy, Darius breathing down Ethan’s neck. Now, there are rumors of vampire raves where humans are being mistreated and with the new drug ‘V’ now infiltrating the ‘houses’.  With Merit still on the not-getting-back-together-Ethan-strike, she has to covertly investigate or the Cadogan House could get taken over.




I was a tad disappointed in how little interaction Ethan and Merit had, especially since we left off with Ethan basically crapping on Merit’s heart *again* and acting like a heartless turd in the previous book.  Alas, if I had my way 80% of the book would be just Ethan and Merit and maybe a few ‘chapter 32s’ (ref. Chapter  32 from Jeaniene Frost books). Hence, why I’m a reader and not a writer *obviously*.  But the few interactions Ethan and Merit have in HB really make your heart melt. I mean even I was shouting ‘take ‘em back Merit!’.


“And you still aren’t convinced my intentions are noble?” {Ethan}

I was being convinced, I thought to myself, but how could I tell him that? How could I confess it without sounding cruel for not believing him completely – and without risking my heart by telling him he’d managed to halfway convince me?


Hard Bitten is just as intense and fast pacedd as the previous books. Although I’m not usually a fan of the yo-yo type relationship between Ethan and Merit, Neill still manages to pull you in and keep your interest.



Some people might be a little surprised/angry/shocked about the one scene that-shall-not-be-named. You might want to wait until the 5th book comes out in November and that’s all I’m going to say (zips lips).


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  1. I don’t want to say all the stuff I want to say. LOL. I’ll just say I really hope Drink Deep brings it. That is all. :)

  2. I think we all really do need tshirts that have that saying on them. This book just about killed me.

  3. Sylvia

    Great idea. I would like the back of mine to say ‘…Barely’.

    I read it about a week ago and I still have not forgiven miss Neill. (I have decided I’m allowed one month to hold this grudge, after that I will stop whining about it)
    I knew I should have waited for the 5th book to come out when the one scene that-shall-not-be-named was mentioned/hinted at in Smexy’s and FV’s reviews. If only I had some self restraint. *sigh*

  4. Robia

    “I read it about a week ago and I still have not forgiven miss Neill.”

    Same here. I’ll reserve proper judgement though until I get a rough breakdown of events in Drink Deep. Until I hear whether the author is trustworthy enough that I’m willing to continue with the series then the jury is out. I think that’s fair considering…

  5. @sophia I believe I may have dropped a few f-words.

    @colette we can put it on the back of the shirt, lol

    @Sylvia I really tried to hold until Nov…. I made it three days :big sigh:

    @Robia totally fair! Ms. Neill broke our book hearts.

  6. This book destroyed me. Drink Deep better bring it or I’m planning a road trip. >.<

  7. @Tori I wonder why I’m more pissed off with Hard Bitten then Karen Marie Moning’s series where we had to wait, like, forever for the final book…?

  8. K… you are going to hate me. I know I need to have this series and have the first ones on my wishlist… but I can wait until the 5th. I will! Then you will all hate me when I get to read them all in one sitting. *evil laugh* ;)

  9. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to save Hard Bitten and read that and Drink Deep back to back in November. Patience is just not one of my virtues.

  10. @Melissa *points finger* You are evillllllllllllllllllll

    @Emily If you can by strong, I would wait. I really can’t stand cliffhangers.

  11. I have faith…it’s going to be okay… (it better, damn it!!!)

  12. @Tori I wonder why I’m more pissed off with Hard Bitten then Karen Marie Moning’s series where we had to wait, like, forever for the final book…?

    I have the answer to that if you want to email me, I’ll tell you.

  13. Chloe Neill


    If I get around to it, I’ll send a link. ;)

  14. I was reading lots of vampire stories for a while and then backed way off–just got saturated, probably. However, you review and remarks make me want to rethink that and certainly get this one. Thanks for the good review.