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Smokin’ Hot Books Get’s Taken Over – Top 10 Ways Alpha Males Are Like Newborn Babies

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Smexybooks and FictionVixen Have Taken Over Smokin’ Hot Books

Smexy and FV(Sophia):

As many of you know our good friend KC recently made the world a better place by giving birth to the adorable future alpha male Aidan the Fierce. Since she’s up to her ears in diapers, binkies and laundry we thought we’d take advantage of her distracted state and snoop around…err I mean stop by Smokin’ Hot Books and lend a helping hand. So we crawled through the window, (she wouldn’t answer the door)  and got busy doing the dishes, tidying up, and packing up all her smut. Stuff like that. While we were here we thought we’d drop a Top List on her as well. Here we go.




Top 10 Ways Romance Alpha Heroes Are Like Newborn Babies









10. They both get really cranky if you don’t feed them. They also enjoy a nice burp afterwards.


9. They both have a real fondness for nipples.


8.They both have really nasty tempers. A little pat on the butt always helps.


7. They both have a tendency to wake you up at all hours of the night.


6. They both will throw a fit if they can’t snuggle on demand.


5. They both excrete a pungent scent – dark and spicy or is that a diaper?


4. They both can rock the baldie look. Hard.


3.They both appreciate a nice sponge bath.


2. They both are selfish, overbearing, bossy and loud. But we love them anyway.


1. They both have a way of making you fall head over heals in love at first sight.



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  1. Nice, ladies! Also, they both like to play with their weenies. (Boy babies, any way). And I don’t mean dachshund-weenies either.

  2. @penelope LMAO!!!!

  3. Are you saying only alpha males are obsessed with nipples? Why, a beta can also enjoy the nipplage as well.

    Adrian the Fierce’s diapers smells like sandalwood perhaps?

  4. They both like to play with their weenies…hahahahahaha

  5. *SNORT* Water just came out through my nose at #9….

    Thanks FV and Smexy!!

  6. Very cute. Although I must say I’ve never been a fan of babies, not alpha males. Connection? I think perhaps.

  7. *snorts* How true is the list, especially number 9!!

    Good job ladies!

  8. dawn8226

    Thanks guys, I so needed a laugh this afternoon.

  9. ferishia

    *gigglesnort* Love it! ;)

  10. ferishia

    Love it! ;) ROFL

  11. Lol, awesome :D

  12. Sylvia

    That’s one awesome list! Makes me want to go out and find an Alpha male to practice making babies.

  13. LOL! I love it!
    Tam, for the most part I’m with you (at least not typical Alphas!). :-)
    Sylvia, LOL!

  14. LOL Penny…they both like to play with their weenies. heheheh

  15. ROFL on this list and @Penelope. So great!

  16. ROFLMAO love it!

  17. This list made me find out that laughing and sipping tea don’t go together ;)

  18. Haha, great list Ladies, had me laughing! :-D Thank you! :-)

  19. Gosh, KC, you nailed it!! and be of good cheer: they just keep on keeping on, no matter how many years go by. Babies grow up and move on, unless they are, of course, male. Hope you are doing well with Aidan and have some fun with him as well. Blessings . . .

  20. So true! :)