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What The Heck Has Smokinhotbooks Been Reading Lately

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Just What in the H has SHB Been Reading Lately – Our ‘What’s Hot Book List’

Ok, I promised myself I’d never utter the words (air quotes) ‘that’s hot’ because Paris Hilton doesn’t need any more claim to fame.  But damn it all if she just didn’t steal an awesome catch phrase. Here are our “That’s Hot” bookie list.

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning


This is the book that brought Rock N ‘Roll back into SHB’s TBR  pile. (Head banging and air guitars galore)!

Backstage Pass makes me want to throw up the international hand sign for bad ass music- (bring on the horns!), drool over some hotties with guyliner and find my old Guttermouth T-shirt.

If ever a book really captured the essence of just what is behind the music, this would be it. Backstage Pass starts off with lead guitarist Brian Sinclair drowning his broken heart in as much liquor as he can handle. Myrna is not your average fan girl, she’s has her doctorate in Psychology  and teaches sexual education classes at a University. Usually all the girls fall for lead singer, Sed, but Myrna only has eyes for Brian.

Ok, I suck at writing blurbs there is so much more depth to this book than Myrna and Brian’s relationship. Cunning does a fabulous job introducing all the members of the band into the story line. The male hoe, lead singer Sedric, Eric the drummer who likes to ‘watch’, Jace the newest member of the band who likes S and M and Trey who likes both boys and girls. I honestly thought I was done with erotic romance, but Backstage Pass hooked me in and had me reminiscing my own backstage days.

If you haven’t read Backstage Pass by now, first of all shame on you (j/k), but  in all seriousness I highly recommend this book and the next one, Rock Hard (about Sedric). This is one book that captures sex and rock and roll and makes me want to throw my nursing bra on stage.

Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston


#6 in Pride Series

I almost missed this release. Shame on me! Alas thanks my Goodreads Friends.

Shelly Laurenston has been on my radar for a  few years now, and I love how she infuses humor and wit in her series.   Big Bad Beast has one of the cutest prologue I’ve read in a long time.  Ulrich from the wolf Van Holtz clan is 6 when he first meets Dee-Ann Smith, who like her daddy, is stone cold killer.

“But she’s perfect, Uncle Van. I  think I love her.”

“Ric, you’re way too young to love anybody but your parents and, of course me.”

“She needs to eat more,” Ric observed, ignoring Van’s comment. “And I’ll be the one to feed her!”

“Come on Ric, You’re too young for all this crazy mate stuff. You need to focus on other things first.”

“Like what?”

“Food, your hunting skills….even other girls.”

“I hate girls.” He was six. Of course he hated girls.” She’s not a girl, though. She’s amazing.”


“I understand Uncle Van.”

“I’ll wait until we are both older,” the kid went on.” And then I’ll nail her.”


This was another cute story there were a few parts that dragged a bit for me in the middle but overall I liked it. The reappearance of Blaine and her crazy OCD 7 foot polar hybrid boyfriend, add some plucky comic relief and it’s nice to see the some of our old friends.


PS it gets a 4 because no one can write humor like SH.

Long Time Coming by Scarlett Parrish


I first saw this book over at Fiction Vixen’s bloggy and put it on my list. Then my new mommy hormones caused me to forget about it until I saw it again recommended at Smexybooks and I thought, dang it! Buy it already.

At first you might think the main heroine Piper is kind of a man-eater as it starts out with her dumping her boyfriend and then hoping onto the next guy and breaking his heart.  But it all gets better as soon as she meets Mr. Leo Carson, sexy Irishman.  Piper is not a girl who wants to give her heart away and all bets are off when she meets Leo and spends one freakin’ hawt weekend with him.  This book is so much more than hot sex and weekend trysts. I liked how we glimpsed Piper’s vulnerable side and I’d be lying if I was giddy like a school girl whenever Leo appeared.

He put his other hand on my neck, fingertips grazing the hollow below my ear, thumb at my throat and if he pressed a littler harder, my breath would catch again. ”No.”

I blinked. What the–?

“No, I’m not gonna kiss you.”

“Not yet anyway.” Smiling, he broke contact piece by piece. Thumb. Fingers. Hands. “I might get carried away.”

Everyone needs to read this book purely to experience the charm of Leo.  He likes to say F*ck, like a lot.




Eleven Scandals to Start To Win a Duke’ Heart by Sarah MacLean


#3 in Love by Numbers Series

I know the title is very long-winded and trying to type it into the search box à nightmare. But, don’t judge this book by its title. This caught my notice while reading Dear Author’s review and I thought what the heck I’ll give this one a go.

This is the 3rd book in the Love by Numbers series and you can’t read it as a stand- alone. I’ve mentioned this before but historical romance blurbs always throw me off, so I really never include it because usually the book is so much ‘more’ than what the blurb describes. The Duke, Simon Pearson, has a Darcy like personality (um, yay!) and is nicknamed the Duke of Disdain. He is first attracted to Juliana Fiori until he finds out her background. Her mother the Duchess ran off and caused a huge scandal by having Juliana with an Italian merchant.   He will wed a nice, English girl with an impeccable reputation, which you later on find out why.

I have to say I really liked this one.  I was worried there might be constant bickering, which I can’t stand; but the author handled their interactions well.  There are some pretty intense scenes in how Simon thinks of Juliana that tug on your heart strings.  Eleven Scandals is a well-written romance on living one’s life with passion despite the circumstances of one’s birth.



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  1. Okay, I’m breaking my own rule about leaving comments on reviews about my books, but this is too funny.

    “This is one book that captures sex and rock and roll and makes me want to throw my nursing bra on stage.”

    LOL! I think the purpose of cup flaps on a nursing bra might confuse the guys. This totally has to go in a book somewhere. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

    Thanks for laugh!

  2. @Olivia Can’t wait for the rest of the Sinner’s books!!!!

  3. You’ve read some really good books lately!! I loved Backstage Pass and Long Time Coming. And I have GOT to read a Shelley Laurenston at some point.

  4. OMG! I hope she gives the character your name or moniker in the next book. I will buy a dozen of those and pass them around!!!!

    I will have to pick up some of these books (especially the first one) when I get a chance to read something other than review books!

  5. @FV You do, you do!

    @Melissa brace yourself for some sexyay rock n roll

  6. Love your review of Backstage Pass, KC! I’ve got this one on my nook, and must get to it!

  7. OMG KC I just read Backstage Pass last month and it is hands-down one of my favorite erotica books that I’ve read. I just loved it, too!