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Game of Thrones My New Addiction

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I confess I’ve cross-addicted back to television,may my Kiindle forgive me.  We don’t often blog about tv shows because ya’ll know we are usually reading, but OMFG  Game of Thrones on HBO is de-li-cious! As I’m still on maternity leave I have ‘rediscovered’ my tv that is apparently a plasma (who knew?) and been amercing myself (and Aidan The Fierce )with shows like 16 and pregnant and Barefoot Contessa. Anyway, day time tv bites the big one thank god for HBO.   My latest crack is Game of Thrones a medieval fantasy battling for the King’s throne. At fist you might think meh not for me, but then you meet Kahl Drogo – hell-o Mr. Sexy Chest and then you’ll be hooked.


Psst he is a barbarian –> rawarr .


Damn why can’t my post pregnancy body look like hers.

He is to marry Daenery whose brother is an asshat FY to the I. I could give two craps about the Starks the main characters because  I’m all about these two and I hope they fall in love (crosses fingers).  I’m fanatically addicted to this series and I thank god for OnDemand (pumps fist).



Have you seen this series yet? What do we think?



PS Series on HBO Sundays 8/9:00pm

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  1. Oh… I wish I had HBO. I had it free when they premiered it and now I’m going to have to go *ahem* looking for episodes. ;)

    Oh and Kahl Drogo is sorta mine… His alter is my book boyfriend today. :D

  2. OMG! I just finished watching the first two episodes and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    I read the book way back when they first came out and barely remember them. I am going back for a re-read. If I remember rightly Jon Snow’s character arc was my fav closely followed by Daenrys.

    I don’t want to spoil things for you but if I remember my book correctly, Daenrys and Kal Drogo’s relationship has a turn that you don’t see coming and then takes Daenrys off on a tangent.

  3. @Melissa I would buy HBO just so I can ‘watch’ Kahl, who needs to pay a mortgage eh *wink wink*

    @Sayuri I MUST READ THE BOOK! God, tell me there is an HEA with both of them I need there to be an HEA!

  4. jaymzangel

    I want him!!! he can take me away on his horse…please & thank you =D

  5. watched when we had the free weekend. Loved it and love the brother/sister relationship. I know bad but he is yummy.

  6. @KC – Erm, If I remember rightly it’s an HEA of sorts….in the broadest of terms though.

  7. Tanya M.

    I am in love too. It’s my new favorite show. I’ve watched the episodes again already and can’t wait for Sunday to get here. I’ll take Drago any day!!!! Yummy!!!

  8. I’m in LOVE with this series! I actually ordered HBO just to watch it. And I’d really, REALLY like a barbarian of my very own. RAWR is right! ;)

  9. Thanks to GoT I’m totally obsessed with Kahl Drogo! Hawt freaking horselord!RAWR

    You don’t want to know how many times I’ve rewatched his scenes. Thank you Pause Button!

  10. I haven’t seen this. I convinced the hubs that we needed HBO so I could watch True Blood. I promised him I would watch other stuff too. I lied. I never watch TV. Looks like Mr. Sexy Chest needs me though. I’ll be checking this out. :)

  11. Okay, I’m going to have to give this one a try. I keep bypassing this show on HBO but I’ve heard too many good things about it. Just checked and there are 2 episodes ON DEMAND. :-)

  12. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard some great things about it. I <3 barefoot contessa, house hunters and pretty much anything on the diy network.

    I might watch game of thorns, I need a new sunday night HBO series to love

  13. Leontine

    I have the books but haven’t read them *eek* The series sounds absolutely fantastic and bope it will be broadcast here in the netherlands as well. Who can say no to such a barabrian *waggles eyebrows*

  14. I wish I had HBO! I have to watch True Blood online. I can probably find this one too…sounds cool!

  15. I love this! It is been shown on Sky Atlantic here and we get it the day after you on a Monday evening and I can’t wait for Monday. I do like the Starks but because I want to know what will happen to them, their lives are being put in danger clearly but why and to what purpose (i cried over the wolf, poor Lady) I want to SLAP the young Prince what a spolit little **** eeew I feel sick just typing about him! His mother the Queen is ick too and her brother …. lets not go there. The brother who is a dwarf seems to be the only one with sense. I feel sorry for Snow, Ned Stark’s illegitimate son, but I understand that is how they were treated in the past, but I feel there is much more to that story than meets the eye.

    As for Daenery, you are right, her brother is a TOTAL ASSHAT! and I hope he gets his just desserts and that her and Drogo fall in love, I loved how she found out how to please him… shuch a good start when he let her!

    He makes me all growly inside!

    LOVE this series.

  16. I watched the 2 firts episodes last night, what a great show, I’m crushing hard on K Drogo too, a show that can make us feel so much hate and passion with only 2 hours is worth my time in front of the tv. Great job HBO!!!

  17. And I despised Danyerus (oh I give up on the spelling) so much in the books that I had to stop reading, oh she is horrid :(

    But I shall watch, I shall

  18. @jaymzangel omg that scene in the tent *swoon*

    @Julie@my5monkey that was an interesting twist. I was like whaaaaaa

    @Sayuri I now have to buy the books just so i can ‘know’

    @Tanya M *whispers* i’ve watched all the episodes three times already (red face)

    @Amanda Bonilla move over Twilight!

    @Missie guilty of fast forwarding to his scenes.

    @Sophia (FV) tell hubs its a British show maybe you’ll get HBO (wink wink).

    @Monique thank god for ondemand

    @Kayanna Kirb doooo it!

  19. @Leontine oooo la la how many books are there in the series?

    @Smash Attack without HBO my life would be a sad sad place

    @Minx love this series too!

    @Dani I may or may not have spent twenty minutes google imaging the actor *bites lip*

    @blodeuedd *gasp* for reals?! she is so vulnerable in the tv show

  20. @KC He did get me HBO. He’s nice like that. But I still never watch it. LOL

  21. @Sophia Oh, my bad, lol. I may or may not have used my On Demand to fast forward to all of Mr. Sexy Chest scenes *blush*

  22. I tried to watch the show, and just, couldn’t. And that sucks cause I love fantasy. Not even Momoa could keep me interested. And that man is fiiiiione. And tall. as. hell. No, really, he is. I squeaked when he stood up. I’m just shy of 5’2 and he was like towering over me. I don’t squeak, ever, but he’s just. so. tall. You should see him smile in person, FYI. It’s like it lights up his whole face. (He comes to Dragon*Con when he can, and man, he is hilariously awesome when paired up with his former Stargate cast.)

  23. YAY!!!!!!!!! We just watched the first two episodes this weekend and I am HOOOOOKED. And it’s alllllllllllll about the Kahl Drogo for me, babyyyyyyyyyyy! RAAAAAAAAAWWWWWR! THANK YOU for devoting a post to this amazingly hot and awesome series.

  24. Sylvia

    Thanks for bringing this show to my attention. (It will probably take a year for some Dutch TV channel to pick up on it) I watched 3 episodes and I’m so hoping Kahl Drogo and Daenrys get more airtime!

  25. @Pam I’m all about Kahl Drogo and his sexy man boobies

    @Sylvia me too!

  26. Jason Momoa is going to play Conan too….

  27. Yvette

    OMG! I knew I wasn’ the only one. I also just became hooked on Game of Thrones, for the same resaon you did, Khal Drogo, yummy. Why can’t all men look like him ;) I also hope he gets more air time and maybe more lines, thought he just fine being eye candy.

  28. OOoooooOOoo I love me some Kahl! I think I am the only person on Earth that actually watched North Shore, but I fell in love with him then. And the hubs tells me he will be in the new Conan movie! NOM NOM!! I am also loving the Borgias and Camelot on the movie channels too! Anyone seen those?

  29. Yvette

    I started watching The Borgias and Camelot at the same time as Game of Thrones. All three shows are worth watching but Game of Thrones is my fav. The Borgias second and Camelot third. Csare from The Borgias is pretty easy on the eyes ;)

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