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Smokinhotbooks Fav March/April-ish Reads

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I really had all these posts written (in my head) alas, time got away from me. Without further ado Smokinhotbooks March Reads!


The Art of Seducing Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper


Book #2 in Naked Werewolf Series

Rating 4


I can’t get enough of Molly Harper, for reals. Loved her first book, ‘How To Seduce a Werewolf’ and didn’t think I’d like the second book as much. I love when I’m proved wrong. Nick, the main hero steals the spotlight. A man that looks like a Viking, a self confessed nerd, and has been to 4 Star Trek conventions had me falling in love with him and Maggie. If you are in the mood for a lighter paranormal/contemporary romance I recommended this series.


The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter


#7 Lords of Underworld

Rating 4


Ok, in my haze of no sleep I thought I had purchased the wrong book since the story starts off with Sabin and Haidee. But no, this is Amun and Haidee’s HEA (thank god). I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle liking the heroine since she killed Baden, one of the LOTU. But I should have known better. Showalter manages to keep this series fresh and throws in a few twists that I never expect. Loved the appearances of William, Sabin, and Paris. I would say this is my favorite LOTU book, but worth the mullah.


Lover Unleashed by JR Ward


#9 BDB Series

Rating 3


I struggled rating this one, I wanted it to be a 4 because I really like this series, but the main romance just wasn’t there. This felt more like a transition book, but have no fear if you liked all the BDB books you’ll like this one as well. And no, it is not as bad as Phury’s story. The side arcs with Vishous and Doc Jane makeup for the lack of main romance.


With Abandon by JL Langely



Rating 4


Finally, we get another With or Without book can I get a woo woo?! Although I wanted to punch Aubrey in the face a time or two overall I really liked this one. Matt comes across very young and endearing, be warned he is barley 20 while Aubrey is 10 years his senior. I didn’t mind the age gap and I thought it worked well with their relationship. I wouldn’t say this is the best in the series but for those of you who love this author like moi(s) it is worth reading.


Navarro’s Promise by Lore Leigh


Breed Series

Rating 4


Wow, Leigh really brought her A-Game with this one. Instead of focusing on the mating heat hormone angle of I love you, no I hate you formula; we get something a little different.  Mica has grown up with the breeds and has always had a crush on Navarro. He first met Mica when she was a young girl defending Cassie’s against other taunting Breeds. Although he doesn’t feel the swollen glands of the mating hormone he has intense feelings for Mica.


This is by far one of the better Breed books. I really liked that Cassie was a main part of the story. The intensity between Mica and Navarro is written really well and I’m surprised Leigh could bring a freshness to this series since this is book number thousand and forty two (ok, more like book 28).


If you are like me and getting a bit fatigued on the breed series, Navarro’s Promise is up there with Lion’s Heat, Tanner Scheme, Coyote’s Mate, and Elizabeth’s Wolf.


What are your fav March reads?


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  1. I’m dying to read Lover Unleashed but I haven’t had the time. I just uploaded it to my iPhone to listen while I’m at work, but I doubt I’ll have a lot of time for that… Registration for summer just opened and I work at the college. I’m gonna be so busy it’s a little bit pathetic. And I haven’t read the LOTU series yet *ducks* but I have them all and am definitely going to read them all…. As soon as I get through my epic requested reviews list.

    Um, March reads…. I fininshed Conquering Mr Darcy, which was good (and *gasp* a historical/Jane Austen romance… Which I’m well-known to hate). I also read All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins, which was excellent. I laughed and cried the whole way through the book and am actually bringing the paper copy to my friend at work to make her read it because it was THAT GOOD.

  2. Well, you were a bit busy there for a certain reason. :)

    Oh, I still need to get Art of Seducing Naked Werewolf . Oh yes I do! :)
    Happy smokin’-motherhood!

  3. I got the Molly Harper book yesterday and should actually get around to it two books from now. Can’t wait! I really enjoyed The Darkest Secret and Lover Unleashed was okay. It’s a BDB book, so even if I didn’t love it, it would still end up on my faves of the month list. :)

  4. So many pretties for you in March. :)
    I’m one or two books behind in the With or Without series, but With Abandon is already on my ereader.

  5. @mama k I’m all over that mr. Darcy book you read.

    @Julie I’ve yet to read a bad Molly Harper bk. One of my fav funny authors.

    @Janna let me know what you think when you read it :)