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I’ve Got a Lot of Love for A Lot Like Love by Julie James

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Kindle $6.99

*apparently Amazon print version is under review as of 3/3/11

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 304

Not a series although characters are mentioned from Something About You


Julie James is a new-to-me author I stumbled across this year from stalking my blogger friends. This author is like baked lays; once you read one you have to read ‘em all. So, to say I was ‘excited’ to get my hands on A Lot Like Love is an understatement.


A Lot Like Love stars tall, dark, and smoldering Nick McCall; an Italian, undercover FBI agent. A no strings kind of commitment phobe. His latest assignment is to take down wealthy restaurateur Xander Eckart and the only person who can help is billionaire heiress and wine shop owner Jordan Rhodes. Jordan is no Paris Hilton, she actually works for a living and even though she and her twin brother, Kyle are set to inherit a ba-gillion dollars, she is down to earth. Her twin brother Kyle is in jail for hacking twitter and taking it offline (this is effing hilarious in the book) in order to release him from jail early, Jordan must work with the FBI to take down Xander.


[When Jordan and Nick first meet]


How Can I help you, Agent McCall? [Jordan]


“Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to fill you in on the details here.” [Nick]


“I’m sure whatever it is you have to say, the chardonnays will keep it confidential.” [Jordan]


“I never trust a chardonnay.” [Nick]


“And I don’t trust the FBI.” [Jordan]



This book could have gone the whole spoiled heiress route and I’m so glad it didn’t. Since I don’t a. have a billion dollars (yet – Mr. Steve Jobs I’m waiting for you xoxoxo) or b. a Mazarati; it would have been hard to connect with the main heroine if she was the spoiled rich heiress. But, Jordan is a down-to-earth girl who likes to stand on her own two feet and like most of James’s female leads she’s independent, witty, and likable. I’m also a sucker for I-didn’t-like-you-at-first-impression but I’m still really attracted to you type of tension.


If you were expecting the legal theme from James’s first 3 books this one focused more on the undercover FBI angle rather than what I like to call the Law and Order-esk theme from her previous books. Don’t get me wrong I liked this book with all my book heart, but I think I missed some of the aspects and characters from the 3 previous books like Jack Pallas’s intensity, or Jason Andrews sarcastic  banter.


There are guest appearances by  Jack Pallas and his new DA from Something Like You throughout the book, which always makes KC happy. Julie James also brought her side character A-game especially with Jordan’s twin, Kyle, and the prissy Ivy league FBI agents. How can you not fall in love with a guy who hacks Twitter because his girlfriend broke up with him? I’m really hoping Kyle gets his own story once of these days.


Although I miss the law and order-esk theme from James earlier books, A Lot Like Love had me devouring the entire 304 pages in one evening and left me with a smile on my face. I dare you not to like this book!



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  1. I have about 100 pgs left but I’m adoring this one!!

  2. @Mandi I just heart Julie James books I really do.

  3. This sounds really good, i’m usually not that into contemporaries, but i keep hearing great things about this author.

  4. Oh I have this on my tbr pile. It sounds great!

  5. Ooh, a dare! LOL.
    Great review ;)

  6. I want Xander. He gives me nice chills.

  7. I’m reading this next week. I am just a little jealous that you got to it before me ;)

  8. @Carrie at In the Hammock Blog I’m very picky when it comes to contemporaries, Julie James is on my auto buy list.

    @Tyraa hope you like it ;)

    @Queen B ….I tripple dog dare you!

    @KB You and your bad boys.

    @Julie this is where I’m not supposed to wave my A Lot Like Love ebook around and say neener neener (wink wink).

  9. I’ve been hearing good things about this one too. Yep… it’s on my wishlist!

  10. @Melissa *whispers* bump it up on your TBR pile #peerpressure-ing

  11. Great review . . . has me thinking seriously about buying this. I am only held back by the fact that hubby and I can barely get to the bed the bedroom is so stacked with books. Oh well, he’ll probably not notice one more.

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