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Oye! Brand Spankin New Kresley Cole News

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Big IAD news people. If you are like us and stalk Kresley Cole via her newsletter you’ll probably have already read this and squeed your panties. If not, this is why you are blogger friends with SHB.

From Kresely Cole’s Newsletter:

She is contracted to write 3 more IAD books (sobs, we want more) after Lotharie’s book. Also, Lotharie’s book IS next and due out in early Jan-ish 2012. Any guesses yet on who you think he will be paired with?

Next, she will be doing a spin-off IAD series, not a whole lot of info about who or what kind of Lore characters this might entail.

Next, she will also be writing a paranormal YA series. Say whaaaaaaa?!

There will/might be a short story before Lotharie’s book is release although she doesn’t know who or when it will be written.

You can read more on Kresley Cole’s FB Page and sign up for her newsletter here.

SHB, over and out.

PS Oh my ever lovin’ god she has merchandise. And yes, I already spent 20 minutes looking at the kids apparel.

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  1. I have not been able to check this series out yet but I keep hearing so much about it…I just have so much on my TBR list that I’m afraid to add another series. LOL. Of course I’m sure it will end up happening just because of all this talk! :-D Thanks for the update!

  2. I just picked up the latest book (I’m one book behind in reading though). Love the store, the bit at the bottom where the proceeds go to is hilarious!

  3. Woot! Woot! Rocks out wit ur co#cks out, this series is the shiznette, for realsies!! I heart this woman, and can’t wait to read Lothaire’s story!!

  4. I totally want the passion is power shirt. So fab!

  5. She’s contracted for 3 more… but who knows… maybe it will end up being 23 more. :)

  6. Sorry for my late reply I”m still recovering from my Mardi Gras baby shower (shows off her beads).

    @Deanna Dreams Cole;s IAD series is one of my top PNR series to read evah!!!

    @Patti you’ll love it Patti, I swears!

    @Kristin Word. Couldn’t have said it better myself ;)

    @Queen B Ok, so maybe I was thinking about buying a baby IAD t-shirt….yes? no?

    @Melissa let’s hope for 23 *crosses fingers*

  7. Yay great news!! Yay!!!!

  8. You had a Mardi Gras baby shower? How cool is that! :)