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Smokinhotbooks Approves! Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

in 4 Star Review, Contemp Romance 13 Comments

Genre: Contemporary Romance


2nd book in Wynette Texas series, although it can be read as a stand-alone

Kindle $12.99

Amazon Print $14.99

SEP’s (see we heart this author so much we refer to her by acronyms like SJP) romances are what got me hooked on contemporaries.  Needless to say I was foaming at the mouth to get my hands on Call Me Irresistible

Theordore(Teddy) Beaudine we first read about in Fancy Pants, as the genius offspring of Dallie and Franceasca, in CMI he’s all grown up and about to be married to Lucy Jorik in the off-beat town of Wynette Texas.  Teddy is perfect and you better run and hide if you think other wise in front of the residents. Meg Koranda is the offspring of Hollywood royalty – needless to say instead of living up to her famous parents pedigree she’s more of a drifter/I don’t know where my life is going. Bff to Lucy, Meg sees that Lucy’s and Ted’s marriage just won’t work.  Lucy is aware of this but wait until her wedding day to call of the wedding and leaving Meg as the town pirah that caused all the trouble. The book really takes off when Ted and Meg interact, since she has no money and her parents have cut her off she has to work at the hotel for minimum wage, doing odd jobs even Mike Rowe wouldn’t volunteer for.

Ted wants his revenge, Meg wants to get her life in order, the town of Wynette is going broke, and golfing is THE WAY OF LIFE in this small Texas town.

The blurb really doesn’t do this book justice. It reads spoiled rich girl learns to better herself with handsome town favorite. If SEP wasn’t one of my favorite authors I would have passed.  Like most of SEP’s heroines I love the feistiness of Meg, she realizes she’s been drifting in life and needs to straighten out. You feel a little sorry for her when the town turns against her, thinking she was the cause of Ted and Lucy’s break up.  Ted and Meg’s interactions are priceless. She is the only person that sees him for who he really is, a not so Mr. Perfect.  In classic Susan Elizabeth style the witty dialogue dominates this story:

“You think Lucy and I didn’t have passion?”

“Not to be insulting – okay, maybe a little insulting – but I sincerely doubt you have a passionate bone in your body.”

An ordinary mortal would have been offended, but not St. Theodore. Her merely looked  thoughtful. “Let me get this straight. A screw-up like you is analyzing me?”

“Fresh viewpoint.”

He nodded. Contemplated. And then he did a very un- Ted Beaudine- like thing. He dropped his lids and gave her a wicked eye-rake.

“Waste of effort, Mr. B. Unless of course, you’re paying.”

In the wrong hands Ted’s behavior towards Meg could have read more spiteful and just plain mean, but SEP adds a lightness to it with their witty banter, which makes some Meg’s more humiliating scenes actually funny and heartwarming at the same time.  Although Call Me Irresistible doesn’t have the same magic as SEP’s Chicago series and golf isn’t my favorite sport to read about; CMI hits all my contemporary romance pleasure points and wishing SEP would write more books. GD!

PS Smokinhotbooks Disclaimer: we absolutely adore anything written by this author so we are very very biased when it comes to her books. Basically all SEP’s book put the sauce in awesomesauce.

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We also recommend SEP’s Chicago Stars series: It had to Be You, Heaven Texas, Nobody’s Baby But Mine, Dream a Little Dream, This Heart of Mine, Match Me If You Can (one of our favs), Natural Born Charmer.

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  1. Sounds like a good one! I love the cover! I haven’t read anything from this author, but I have only heard good things about this book!!! So I will definitely try it out soon! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

  2. LOL, I am certainly bias when it comes to a certain fantasy series :)

    But I do like the sound of this one, been checking all the reviews :)

  3. I’ve yet to read this author. I have one of her books in my book closet so that means I’ll get to her…eventually. lol This sounds like a cute one. Nice Review!

  4. I’ve never read SEP *hides*

  5. @blodeuedd if you are in a contemporary romance mood this one rocked my reading world ;)

    @Julie oooo which one? PS Nobody does witty heroines like SEP.

  6. Ah.. I had to turn this one down because I was buried under review books. Yes, you can hit me now. :P

    Great review. Makes me hang my head in shame. *sigh*

  7. OMG! With your approval stamped on it I must buy it most definitely. Can I read it as a standalone or is Fancy Pants a must?

  8. @Melissa (gasps) For shame!!!
    @smexybooks duuuuuuude SEP is so right up your ally. She’s funny, writes emotional scenes and not too shabby with s-e-x (yeah, I went there). GD if only I could Kindle lend you one of her books!
    @Janna You know, I read Fancy Pants waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. I dont’ think you’ll really miss out if you just read this one and not Fancy Pants since it was published so long ago. SEP does a good job of re-introducing the characters but not making you feel like you missed out if you hadn’t ready ‘em before.

  9. I’m about half way through my first SEP. I’m reading It Had To Be You. Have you read it?

  10. @FV Yes! First book in the Chicago Starts series it’s a little outdated but if I could take Dan home with me I would. Match Me If You Can (I think it’s book 6?) is one of my favorites as well as Natural Born Charmer. Some of them can tug on your heart a little too much.

  11. Mmm Dan. I have mixed feelings. He makes me nervous but not entirely in a bad way. lol

  12. I loved Meg and Ted. LOVED them.