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Shadowfever Review – Welcome Mac 5.0

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Genre: Urban Fantasy

#4 in Fever series (final book)

Pages:594 (don’t worry, it’s a fast read)

Kindle $9.99

We Smokinhotbooks, solemnly swear (on our Kindles) that we did not divulge any spoilers.

Shadowfever IS WORTH THE WAIT. Some of us (ok, moi(s)) maybe sobbed when we read that KMM had pushed the release date to mid January but after reading SH we ask you to bow your head in a moment of silence for it’s awesomeness.

Pink Mac is dead and black, leather, kick-ass Mac 5.0 is here to stay.

We’re back in the battle of Fae versus mankind, Unseelie and Seelie. We begin with the worst day of Mac 5.0 life. IYD (if your dying), aka. the beast is dead, killed by Mac herself, and now she’s alone is the silvers. A murderer.  Lost in her grief, the new Mac is formed and she’s cold, emotionless and will do anything to fix the person she killed. Even if that means teaming up with her sister’s accused murder and the man who facilitated her rape, LM (Darroc).  Her only chance of bringing (who shall not be named) back to life is to find the “book,” Sinsar Dubh.

There’s so much that happened in Shadowfever that when I looked at my kindle and it said i was only 30% through I had to take a knee. Who is/was the beast, Unseelie princes, the Fae Queen, the King’s Concubine, just what the H is Barrons, why is the book attracted to Mac and oh, who Mac really is. There are so many twists and many moments that make you gasp, ‘no effing way’ all your questions are answered in SH.

Who is the Beast

Who did Mac kill at the end of Dreamfever

Who killed Mac’s sister Alina

Who is the 4th Unseelie prince that participated in making Mac a priya

Where is the King

Where is Christian McKelter

Who is the concubine and why the eff does Mac dream about the White Mansion

I have to hand it to KMM she brought her awesome stick when writing this final book. I like how she weaved in the twists and still left some things a bit of a mystery. I did think, towards the end there were so many ‘OMG moments and twists that it overshadowed what I would have liked Shadowfever to focus on. I wish we could go more into detail, but it might spoil it.  If you’ve been waiting to start this series, now is the time people. Shadowfever is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year (yes it’s only January) and SHB is still reeling after finishing it. I hope to God, we get a spin-off series with the King and his concubine, Ryodan, Christian, and Dani.

What did you think of Shadowfever? If you haven’t read it, do you want to now that we used phrases like awesome stick…?

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  1. Oh yes, KMM rocked on this one. Well, she rocked in throughout the series but Shadowfever surpassed all my expectations. Best book EVAH!!

  2. I liked it too. It fell short in a few places for me (review up if you are curious where) but overall I enjoyed it. Are there spin offs planned? I’m behind in my gossip.

  3. I was rolling when Christian is all horny in the Unseelie King’s bedroom and wants to show Mac what a Scot’s cock can do to her. LMAO.

    Ahem… douchey Barrons le Douche.

    *ninja out*

  4. LOVED so much it hurts!!!

  5. New math…..

    KMM’s Scottish dudes + pink girl + crazy fantasy stuff + douche (I mean Barrons!) = Killer book.

    The end.

  6. I want a spin off too. I need to know about Dani & Ry, and Christian.

  7. I loved this book as well and hope that KMM plans on having most of the issues you mentioned in future books! It’s just too good for her not to say anything.

    Great review and welcome back to the real world ladies. I’m now experiencing PTSS, Post Traumatic Shadowfever Syndrome because it was just so damn good!

  8. @FV for reals! I”m re-reading it again (already).

    @KV I believe Fiction Vixen mentioned KMM has signed on 3 more books.

    @KT *small voice* you….don’t like Barrons? I can’t help it, I like the a-holes for my reading life. When he keeps saying ‘saying page Ms. Lane, same f*cking page.” I swoon.

    @Mandi I nearly died when I read the first two chapters. But I like how KMM didn’t prolong the you know what.

    @Penelope I hope KMM writes more for this series – I need Christian’s HEA!

    @Tori is it wrong that I have already paired Ryodan and Dani (when she reaches legal age) together….?

    @Bells I’m also suffering from PTSS hence why I’m re-reading it again.

  9. When Douche calls Mac his Rainbow Girl I sighed for a short moment but then he ends up opening his mouth again and being all snarly. Mac should gag him and handcuff him to the bed.

  10. @KT when he calls her Ms. Lane I get heart palpitations. I agree, handcuffing Barrons to a bed would solve everything.

  11. Can you believe I’m behind on this series. I haven’t had a chance to catch up. I love this series. I need to catch up in this series. AHHHHHHHH…..

  12. Yes. Best Book! Great Review!!!

  13. @Melissa don’t make me spank you! I kid, I joke.

    @Julie Word ;)

  14. Great book. So many twists and turns left me picking my jaw up off the floor after every one. As long as I got the HEA I am completely happy with everything. Hopefully this is more of this world on the horizen,

  15. @Judi *crosses fingers* I really want to read the King’s book and Christian’s.

  16. I adored this entire series!! I gobbled up every page of Shadowfever and was very pleased.

    :o )

  17. *sob* I’m so happy for you that this one lived up to your high expectations!
    I’m ready for this series now! I can’t stand cliff hangers and the waiting for months/years, so with the release of this final one I can finally start this series. I think I’m going to listen to the first book, which I just downloaded to my iPhone. :)

  18. It took me forever to read it but I loved it! After hearing Phil Gigante read at the signing, I’ve GOT to get it on audio! Soooo sexy!

  19. I lovvvvvved this book!! I want to re-read it again already.

  20. Linda Jamshidian

    All I can say is BRAVO Karen….you didn’t let us down…Shadowfever surpassed all my expectations!

  21. Fabulous review and I completely and totally agree with everything!!

  22. Rochelle

    OMG I love these books so much I am raving about them to everyone… and nothing I read seems to measure up, I cant find anything to hold my attention now

    PS Love Barrons!! Its rare to find a book where the male lead doesnt turn into a mushy pile of goo by the end

  23. cowgirlinred

    Just bumped into the series about 3 weeks ago and only bought the first 2 books since I wasn’t sure if I would like it. (not usually a fan of books about the fae) Boy was I surprised! The first book was kinda slow, but from the second book on I was hooked. So much so I had to get kindle for my computer so I could read Shadowfever- I couldn’t wait to go get it from the bookstore. Shadowfever was by far the best of the series, and not just for tying things up. There were lots of nice twists.