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My Fair Succubi by Jill Myles – Best New-to-Me Paranormal Series!

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Genre Paranormal Romance

#3 in Succubus Diaries

Pages 368

Amazon/Kindle $7.99

All I can say is thank god for Kindle multi app syncing ! I’ve been jonez-e-ing for My Fair Succubi since I finished the second book A REALLY LONG TIME AGO – ok, it was like 6 months ago. Like most of you addicts book lovers, I had tried to put this one out of my mind until the release date because I’ve been known to become a wee bit obsessive (coughs Shadowfever) until I can get my hands on the next book. I must have done some serious meditating because up until a couple of weeks ago I had forgotten MFS was releasing in late Dec.

Note to self do not start Jill Myles book while at work – reading on snazzy iphone while in my car. I won’t want to come back in for work and often found myself sneaking in long bathroom breaks to finish a few chapters. Thank god I can blame/use my pregnancy for the long ‘bathroom breaks’.

MFS starts off with Jackie and Noah in the jungles of Mexico on an archeological dig. If you can remember Zane left Jackie in book 2 because of the evil vampire (bitch) Queen. Just when Jackie thinks all is well, well-uh almost, sans Zane; she is rudely put under immortal arrest by the not so nice angles along with Noah. These angles don’t mess around and apparently don’t think it is acceptable behavior for a succubi to use another immortal to ‘scratch her itch’ and leave him (Luc) high and dry. Succubis never can catch a break. In order to avoid death or forced pregnancy by weird-angel-psycho-dude she must rescue the halo from her (again) possessed succubi  BFF Remy (who is now evil Joaquim).  Not to mention Noah has asked Jackie a very serious, important question that she can’t seem to say ‘yes or no’ to, a bodyguard that is a virgin- half angel/half succubi named Ethan, and the Vampire Queen who now wants a piece of the halo action. With the return of Zane, her annoying succubi ‘itch’ front and center and needing to save the world, Jackie is a busy girl these days…

First of all Jill Myles does love triangle like nobody’s business and this is coming from a die-hard don’t-make-me-read any love triangle scenarios. It’s really hard to pull this theme off without looking like a made for tv lifetime movie or a dramatic Danielle Steele book.  But if Jill Myles writes it I will read it! I think why this book works for me is your ability to sympathize with Jackie whether she is with Noah, Zane or having to use someone else to ‘scratch her itch’. Combine this with awesome action and this pretty much makes my top fav paranormal romance series I’ve read this year.

My Fair Succubi has to be one of my favorite new-to-me paranormal series I’ve stumbled upon this year.   I like how in the third installment we finally get some closure on some of Jackie’s issues combined with a few a few surprising twists.

PS New Jill Myles book alert –> Midnight Liaisons

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  1. Got to love Zane’s mighty hand of power ;P

  2. Yay! Reading this one soooon! Love Zane :)

  3. LOL I agree about the hand! *snigger*

    Btw, can you believe I haven’t read the first 2? Just this one and I so enjoyed it. I have to go back to read the other 2 when I have time. Loved the review. I agree! This one is good. :)

  4. @KB I love that scene where Jackie um… know…when Zane is asleep

    @Mandi Team Zane woo woo

    @Melissa The first one is good because that is where Jackie firsts meets Zane *swoon*

  5. This sounds like a good series I’ve seen a few other people reading this series so I might have to add yet another book series to my TBR list! :-D

  6. LOL at you sneaking to your car and bathroom to read at work. I do a little sneak reading around the house as well. Sounds like I need to get on board with this series if it’s sneak read worthy!

  7. I’m so jonesin to read this one! I love me some Zane. I love Noah, too, but Zane ::fans self:: Hot stuff, baby :D

  8. So you say this author can really ramp up the overplayed love triangle?? Hmmm….that just might win me over for this series.

    Hope mini KC is doing well!