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Smokinhotbooks Likes and Dislikes on New Kindle Lending Feature

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Ok, this is the first time Smokinhotbooks actually (kind of) gets techy.

After seeing Mashable’s article on the new Kindle Lending feature I decided to test drive this puppy out because I’ve been dying to share my goodies with K-Khan since we both got Kindles.

Basically if you have a Kindle app or Kindle you can participate, buuuuut the person you are sending it to a. has to have an Amazon account and b. either a Kindle or the app. Also, another drawback so far you cannot ‘Kindle Loan’ with an international user (excluding Canada…I think).

Read Amazon’s Lending Kindle Books Here

Step 1. Go to Manage Kindle Section in Amazon and click the plus sign to see if you can loan the book. Pretty simple. If you are contemplating buying a book you can also see in the product description whether or not you can loan before you buy.

Step 2. Put in lucky SOB’s email address and wa-lah easy peasy.

Now, it will be loaned to lucky SOB for 14 DAYS ONLY! During this time YOU CANNOT access the loan Kindle title. Sucks, I know.

Receiving Kindle Book Loan

Step 1. You’ll get an email notification allowing you to download Kindle book looks like this:

Step 2. You can select what device to send the book to ie Kindle, Ipad, Iphone etc. If you are a Kindle app junkie like me, you probably are familiar with this step.

*Note you are only given 14 days to read the book, god forbid if someone sends you Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. You will also receive a notice 3 days before your time is up as well as the sender.

Kindle Loan Likes

  • We can finally loan Kindle books thank you Amazon
  • Pretty easy interface if your familiar with managing yoru Kindle via Amazon
  • Apparently all my ubber smutty books are available to loan

Kindle Loan Dislikes

  • You can ONLY loan once. I can’t tell you what a mistake that is, at least give me a 5 person limit for 1 year etc. I can’t tell you how many paperbacks I loan to my immediate family and if they really really really like the book, it’s a shoe-in they’ll buy a book from that author.
  • You ONLY get 14 days to read the Kindle book. Uh, okayyyyyy. That’s 2 weekends and most of us are pretty busy not to mention if you receive a book that is 400-600 pages. Did Amazon conduct a survey on how long it takes on average to read 200-400 page book….?
  • Publisher has to opt in, in order for you to loan. As I was chatting (coughs tweeting during work hours) a tweet pal of mine mentioned that out of all her Kindle books she could only share 3. So, I went onto to my account (gasped at how many Kindle books I’ve bought) and noticed that most of the main stream publishers had not opted in (yet) for me to share. But apparently, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, Dreamspinner press, and Carina Press ie my smutty pubs have opted in. This means one lucky SOB gets to read one of my Jaid Black Viking Slave auction books wink. Not so bueno I can’t share many of my paranormal romances, urban fantasy, historical romances, and pretty much 80% of my Kindle books.

Hopefully, over time this will change.

All in all I’m not happy with the length of loan time and only being allowed to loan a Kindle book once FOREVER, but since my father will never, ever, be the recipient of one of my smutty erotica’s I don’t think I mind only sharing with my other blogger half K-Khan.

What do we think of the new Kindle Loan feature….?

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  1. I haven’t tried this out yet. I get the feeling I’ll sound very ungrateful to my friends when I have to tell them not to loan to me yet because I don’t have time to read the book quite yet. I don’t think this is a feature I’ll use very often because of the time constraints. But it’s nice they’re offering it though. Hopefully more pubs will get on board.

  2. Catherine

    Check out the Kindle Lending Club page on Facebook – for people to request and offer Kindle book loans, discover great new books for free, and share their collection with other book lovers:

  3. I agree; the loan time is too short and to be able to loan out a book ONE TIME EVER is kind of absurd.

    I’ve already loaned out a book and have borrowed a book. The process was simple.

    And I totally have to pimp out the Goodreads Kindle Lending group I created to bring borrowers and lenders together :)

  4. I think the one time is a mistake. I think some things need to be worked out before this becomes a feature they should advertise. :)

  5. I don’t have a Kindle but got the Nook instead and I believe it’s the same on both. You can loan out a book only once and for only 14 days.

  6. …I just loaned out my first Kindle book to K-Khan she was most unhappy that over 80% of my books were un-loanable :( So far….so good *crosses fingers*

  7. The only lending a book out once is the worst part. I hope that feature changes.

  8. I have the same issues with all the restrictions but I have a feeling they just copied B&N’s Nook lending policy since they are the same for the Nook. I can understand not wanting to let you lend a book unending number of times but I agree at least 3-5 times would be nice.

  9. This is yet another reason why I will always prefer print books.

  10. I think this is pointless! When I first read your initial part saying that you can loan books using Kindle I got extremely excited! But when I read that you can only loan one book EVER that is rediculous. Why give people the opportunity to loan if they can only loan one book?! DUMB DUMB DUMB! I also agree that the majority of the time when I lend people books or have people lend me books I end up buying my very own copy in the end!!!

  11. @Deanna *sigh* I know, hopefully as this feature becomes more popular Amazon might ease up a bit on only loaning a book once. I believe Amazon basically took the Nook’s loaning feature…

    @Brooklyn Ann I looooove print books! But if you buy a lot of erotica *coughs* way cheaper to buy in ebook format ;)

  12. Yeah that’s true. I also learned recently that the Nook lets you check out library books so you can just check books out instead of having to buy them all the time. I think that’s a really cool feature.

  13. @Deanna Oh wow, that’s really cool.

  14. I did not realize that you can only loan one kindle book. That is not smart. Nook has a library and has much better features. If Kindle does not make some changes, Nook will take over as top reader. I’m sorry I did not buy a Nook now.

  15. Here’s my conspiracy theory…

    They give the borrower two weeks to read a book – and I’m sure many people don’t have time to finish a book in that amount of time – so when it automatically gets returned to the loaner, in order to finish the book the borrower now must purchase it since the loaner can’t “lend” it again or for a longer period of time. Make sense?

    Also, I think there’s some confusion about the lending – you can lend more than one kindle book. In fact, you can loan every kindle book that you have that’s loanable, you just can’t loan each one more than once. Perhaps a better system is that you can’t loan to the same person more than once?

    And I have heard from some sources that borrowing books from the library is a feature that will be added to the kindle in the next year or so – yay!