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LB Gregg’s Mistletoe At Midnight – His for Holidays Anthology Best Christmas Collection EVAH

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Mistletoe at Midnight by LB Gregg

Genre: Holiday/M/M

Publisher Carina Press

His for Holiday Anthology

Kindle $2.99

received for review

KC and K-Khan must have done something right this year, cause Santa came a little early, and what did ol’ Saint Nick bring, but an awesome bookie for KC and me.  We here at Smokinhotbooks think LB Gregg is the shiznit and when we found out that one of our fav authors had a happy holidays book, it felt as if a Christmas miracle had happened.

So give yourself or a lucky friend the gift of a little Christmas tingle. Nothing says Joy to the World, like boys kissing boys.

Owen McKenzie has traveled to Vermont to spend an old-fashioned Christmas with his family. Little does he know that his meddling, match-making family has invited another guest to their little holiday soirée. Who is this mystery guest? None other than Caleb Black, his first love and first heartbreak. Add a winter storm that traps them in a cabin and you’ll have to read more to find out what happens between Owen and Caleb.

My gaze was drawn back to the pianist as a clump of hair fell across his forehead and he absently shove it back. I should know him. He had trim, light sideburns and long graceful fingers.

He raised his chin, turning to speak with the red-haired woman, and we both froze as his casual glance collided with my curious one.

No. Fucking. Way.

In fifteen years and hundreds– thousands –of miles , those distinctively pale, lichen- green irises could only belong to one man.

Caleb Black.

Mistletoe at Midnight is just what I needed to get my ass in gear for Christmas. Cute love story about second chances and is in a fabulous anthology His for the Holidays.

I did read the other short stories

His for Holidays Anthology


Nine Lights Over Edinburgh By Harper Fox

Great story about a struggling detective whose life is just not turning out the way he wants. As he struggles with his job, borderline addiction problem to alcohol and his daughter’s kidnapping Harper Fox does it again by pulling you in and keeping you on your toes until the end. I liked how James met his romance interest and this was my third favorite out of all the stories.

Rating 4/5

I Heard Him Exclaim By Z.A. Maxfield

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but this was my least favorite. I think it mainly had to do with the love interest- I’m not sure if I was having an off reading night but I never really got into the whole Santa parallel. I loved the main hero and I liked that he had the responsibility of taking care of his niece. All in all I liked this one just not as much as the author’s full length novels I’ve read.  Still, this author could write a Wikipedia article on duck migration and I’d still love it.

Rating 3/5

Icecapade By Josh Lanyon

My #1 pick! When I read the blurb I thought, ‘Oh m/m Thomas Crown Affair’. I admit the jewel thief plot line wasn’t screaming out at me but I really liked how Josh Lanyon wrote this one. Most of the prologue is where Noel and FBI agent Robert Cuffe meet when Noel was a jewel thief. After spending one night together the rest of the story takes place 10 years after when Noel has retried and gone straight (legally people).  He hasn’t forgotten the sexy agent and can’t help but leave him a message every Christmas. Their paths cross again when FBI agent shows up at his door and accuses him of thieving again.


Bottom line you need to read His for the Holidays otherwise your Christmas will not be complete!

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  1. I loved this collection…so much fun!!

  2. @mandi loved it!

  3. Love the excerpt… and your comment about the “Wikipedia article on duck migration”. LOL

    I know people are often mixed with anthologies, but I do love short stories. Glad you loved it!

  4. Oh yay, everyone is liking this one it seems. Nice reviews. xoxo

  5. How do I love LB Gregg, let me count the ways. Lol I just love her books – can’t get enough of them. The whole anthology rocked. Glad you liked it too. :)

  6. I really liked the interaction with Owen and his father. I choked up a bit reading that. Also Ryan was a hoot.

  7. I really need to pick this up.. I have heard only good things about this anthology.