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Manlove Books That Should Be On Your (Gay)Radar

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As I sit here, playing with my new Iphone (look out, KC is  mobile) I realized I wrote absolutely no m/m reviews for the month of May. That just ain’t right.  And, since my index finger now has early sings of carpal tunnel syndrome – since I can’t spell worth crap on a touch screen with my thumbs – I decided to make a short manlove list req. Isn’t that nice of me?

In and Out by LB Gregg


Aspen Mountain Press (PDF)

I’ve been following LB Gregg’s work since Gobsmack. I was excited to read that this was a May/Dec romance with the main character suffering from debilitating agoraphobia. For those of you who enjoy this author’s witty sense of writing, In and Out is probably Gregg’s best work so far.  I love how Holden is an agoraphobic, wealthy man; while Adam is  shy, young (virgin) man who can’t read people’s emotions. A little more serious, same witty inner dialogue, and a virgin – I couldn’t put this one down. Thanks to Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos, I won this copy (thank god).

“In that moment, right there in my kitchen, I want him. Not from afar, as I had yesterday as my must. No, this was the real deal. I desired him. Adam. I wanted the man- and perversely, that just made me want him more. I imagined Adam, whimpering, and grunting under me, and Christ, I found myself asking another stupidly impertinent, unbelievably forward question. “So you’ve never followed through.”

I wanted to lick his mouth and taste sunshine. I wanted to smell the dirt on his clothes and the soil under his nails. Then I wanted to bend him over my kitchen table…

I Fell In Love With A Zombie by Sean Kennedy

Dreamspinner Press (PDF)

Jay didn’t expect to be one of the very few survivors of the virus that decimated the country, leaving shambling, ravenous zombies behind. Fighting for his life amongst the dead, he keeps moving until the day he’s surrounded and facing his bloody end—and shockingly, another zombie saves him. But not just any zombie… it’s Dave, the first man Jay ever loved, and there’s something special about him even now, in the midst of the horror around them.

How could I not read a zombie manlove book?!  Although it is only 75 pages the author was able to pack in a wel- written story that I loved. My only wish, because I didn’t want it to end, was that it was a little longer.

“You want my brains, motherf*cker? Come and get them!” (yells at zombies)


Dave, I whispered, not even knowing if I could be heard above the sound of streaming water. “Are you really in there?”

His movements were still jerky as his hands traveled up my back and pulled me against him. Flush against his chest, I didn’t, and couldn’t, move away as his lips closed over mine.

It was all the answer I needed.

Bay City Paranormal Series by Ally Blue aka nicknamed Baked Lays

This series was recommended by Janna from EroticRomReader, I had read other books by Ally Blue and thought ‘just ok’. This series is like crack I tell you! You can’t read just one. This is probably one of my favorite paranormal m/m series I’ve read to date – think Paranormal Activity meet gay for you theme.

PS usually I don’t scare easily with books, but I woke up hubs one night after I finished book 3 shaking him, “There is something in the closet. Do something!” True story.

Book 1 Oleander House (Kindle)

Book 2 What Hides Inside(Kindle)

Book 3 Twilight(Kindle)

Book 4 Closer(Kindle)

Book 5 An Inner Darkness(Kindle)

Part of Series Different Characters:

Book 6 Where The Heart Is -Kindle (Dean’s Story) Didn’t care for this one as much.

Book 7 Love, Like Ghosts -Kindle (Bo’s Son Story)

What are some of your favorite books you’ve read in June?

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  1. My favorite books read in June…

    Truthful Change by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
    Heartsong by S.W. Vaughn
    Lights and Sirens by Stephani Hecht
    Deadly Silence by Victor J. Banis

    and I also loved I Fell In Love with A Zombie.

  2. nice list! I have ti check them out =)

    I have really enjoyed “Pack of Lies” by Vanessa Vaughn… M/M wereaolf romance… yum! =)

  3. Love the list! *scribbles notes down* I think Ally Blue’s series looks great though a little spooky but I like watching the ghost hunter shows (I know -big dork here) so maybe this is perfect for me – though no reading at night! I spook easily!

  4. @Lily I recently came across a few reviews for Victor J. Banis, I must check out some of his books!

    @Larissa M/m Werewolf…? I must have it!

    @Heather Hubs watches those ghost hunter shows All The Time! I forget what channel this one is on, but the guy is a tool, he is buff looking and says ‘oh my god’ a lot. Do you know which one I’m talking about? I think he is from Jersey or something.

  5. In and Out was so good! LB gets better with every books she writes.

  6. I need to catch up on my LB Gregg reading. I’m hopelessly behind as usual. I really want to read more m/m PNR too. Most of the m/m I’ve read is contemp. **making notes** Congrats on the iPhone.

  7. @KC – totally know the dude ur talking about :D – for spooky shows the one that totally freaks me out if Fear Factor – that one is nightmare inducing!

  8. Mrs. K-Khan (The Other Half of Smokinhotbooks)

    I loved In and Out!! When Holden serves his ‘lawnboy’ G&T’s with smoked oysters and then gets huffy when he laughs at him. Priceless. I agree, this is LB Gregg’s best book so far. Favorite quote has to be when he tells the object of his affection that how could he have not known he was gay.
    …”I flame”.

    Sean Kennedy’s I fell in Love with a Zombie was also great! Post apocalyptic stories get me every time.

  9. Holden was such a horny perv. Loved it! And Adam… lovely.

  10. @katiebabs so true!

    @Fiction Vixen *strokes iphone while saying ‘ my precious’ T.A. Chase has a dragon paranormal m/m romance that I really liked. I really liked Blue’s Bay City Paranormal because the main hero falls in love with a straight guy – some might say it is a bit angsty, but I really enjoyed it.

    @Heather I had to stop watching Fear Factor – my Edison bill went through the roof ’cause I left all the lights on.

    @K you just made me smile (during work hours) over that quote.

  11. You got an iPhone 4? *jealous*

    @Heather and KC… I forget the name of that show too, but that one makes me laugh. My fave one is “Ghost Hunters” on SyFy. Sometimes I like Paranormal State too. See, I be dorky too! :)

    I don’t know about the zombie one… I just don’t get how you can enjoy someone who is rotting. Oops dear, your ear fell off. Let me get that for you. Just doesn’t do it for me. :p Doesn’t mean that the book is bad, just don’t know if I could get into it.

  12. Thanks for the linkity luv! :) Weren’t Sam and Bo addictive?
    I bought LB’s book but haven’t read it yet – 5 stars, wow! :)
    I still need to get my hands on the zombies!
    Now tell me all about the iPhone! I want one too! *glares envious*

  13. Glad you loved In and Out! :)

    LOL about waking your hubs up like that! This BCP series was one of my very first m/m reads and I loved it!

  14. Dawn Roberto

    I just finished The Darkling Thrush by Josh Lanyon (M/M Fantasy Romantic Suspense) that was really good. Book smart guy meets sexy aggravating hottie who is determined to stop him from going after an ancient text. Fun, suspensful and Josh Lanyon is awesome.

    Love the list. Added a few I haven’t heard of before. thanks a bunch.

  15. LB’s book was so terrific. I feel the sudden urge to reread it.

    Tangent question: How much m/m are you reading now, KC and K-Khan? You girls seem to have well and truly become hooked to the genre.

  16. @Melissa Sadly I have the 3G not the 4 :( Hubs loves Ghost Hunters (is that the one with the old guy who wears the black hat..?)

    @Chris I’ll be honest, I thought there was a monster in my closet after reading BCP *blush*

    @Dawn Roberto I’ve been meaning to read that one! I love Josh Lanyon Somebody Killed My Editor & Ghost Who Wore Yellow Socks.

    @Kris *whispers* my m/m book addiction is so bad, I can’t even keep up on Goodreads. On my vacay, I maybe read most, if not all of T.A. Chases books…

  17. In and Out was soooo good!! Can’t wait to read Sean Kennedy’s latest!

  18. I hadn’t read many m/m books that I actually enjoyed until you brought “Somebody Killed His Editor” to my attention. Holy hell, I loved that book! And it led me to KA Mitchell’s “Chasing Smoke” (which was also amazing). I haven’t read many since then, but not because I don’t want to… I have a huge TBR pile and am on another self-imposed book ban until I can get through it. At least partially.

    The books I’ve read this month that I’ve absolutely loved:
    1) “Dark Lover” – JR Ward
    2) “Lover Eternal” – JR Ward (still listening to the audio book, but totally loving it)
    3) “Mated” – Zoe Winters
    4) “My Avenging Angel” – Madelyn Ford

  19. I’ve been hearing good stuff about Oleander House and I told Janna I was on the fence with this one due to my funky reading mood *sigh* Anyhoo…the one book I absolutely adored this month is Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna. Nick Ward is my new book boyfriend, he’s got a dirty mouth, dirty ways and a hard of gold – well sort of…actually only for those he cares about ;) I’ve also read Devlin And Garrick by Cameron Dane, this author knows how to talk body chemistry *sizzles shiver down my spine* Next week I have to highly anticipated reads on my e-reader; Lauren Dane INSATIABLE and Nalini Singh BOUNDS OF JUSTICE :D

  20. @Mandi you make me want to re-read In and Out again!

    @Mama Kitty Gasp, I need to read Zoe Winters!

    @Leontine: Get out! Lauren Dane’s Insatiable is out next week? I’m so behind on my book releases!

  21. Old guy w/black hat? Ghost Hunters has a bald guy and sometimes they wear hats, but not consistently. Can’t think of one w/a black hat. *ponders*

    Oh, and be happy. Your iPhone 3 is much fancier than my iPod Touch. ;) I’m still waiting for a camera for the touch! :-/

  22. Aren’t iphones awesome,KC? I *heart* mine, though I do suck so bad at typing on it. I use the backspace key a lot. Lol

    And the monster in the closet thing…that’s why I haven’t read any of the BCP books yet. ‘Cause that would so be me, waking up the hubby in the middle of the night. LOL I’ve read other, non-spooky books by Ally Blue and loved them (‘Easy’ is one of my favs).