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Lovestruck by KT Grant My First F/F Erotic Romance

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Genre: Lesbian Erotic Romance

Pages:154 (Ebook)

Publisher: Nobel Romance

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book given to me for review

Barbara cut off her words with a kiss, pressing her lips gently but insistently against Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer sat there in stunned silence. When she didn’t respond, Barbara raised her head. She held Jennifer’s face in a tight grip and moaned. She wanted to feel Jennifer’s tongue against her own.

“Jennifer, please le me in. Let me make you feel good.”

“Yes please.” She whispered, ever so polity. She touched her tongue against Barbara’s.

“Oh Jennifer. You undo me.” Barbara whispered against her mouth and then dipped her head to such on her neck.”

Now, we all known that I was a bit scared to read a full on F-F book. I dipped my toe with an urban fantasy F-F, but KT Grant was asking me to go boldly where Smokinhotbooks had never gone before. A May-December female love book. Or as I like to fondly call this genre, a femfest book. Was I a little uncomfy with some of the more erotic scenes of the book? Sure, I’ll confess to being a bit of a prude. However, after finishing this book I can say that enjoyed the erotic aspects of the book and didn’t look through my fingers during the characters naughty time. KT Grant has busted me out of my male-male only rut, and now I can brag to all my more worldly friends that I can join the female love group too!

Normally May-December romances don’t really ‘speak to me’, but I put my prejudices aside and really enjoyed this aspect of the story. The author definitely made a hypocrite out of me as I thoroughly enjoyed the older woman/younger woman love angle with Barbara and Jennifer, and found the dynamics of their relationship really worked for me.

Barbara, a successful (billionaire) hotel owner runs into young, Jenny Caffey in a local Starbucks,  only to find out that the hotel Jenny is working (St. Jennings) out is owned by the sultry older woman nicknamed The Barracuda.  As Jenny and Barbara start a sensual relationship can it survive when Jenny finds out the hotel might be closing…?

Lovestruck is an apt title for how I was ‘struck’ on how much I liked this book.  As I mentioned above, the older woman dating a younger, more innocent woman really worked for me.  Even though I prefer my erotic with two guys or heck if I’m feeling adventurous throw in another one, I was surprised on how much it didn’t matter that I was reading about two females. This is a testament to the writing – a good author; no matter the sex of the characters can pull you in with great character development and writing.

Although I won’t be putting away my ‘I heart man- love t-shirt’ anytime soon, maybe there is room in my closet for ‘I heart girlie love’…?

Lovestruck is a sensual, contemporary romance between two women from different worlds that find love in one of my favorite coffee shops (Starbucks). Did I mention intimate scenes were verra (x2) sexy? For those of you readers that want to branch out into something different, Lovestruck is a well-written female/female contemporary erotica book.

P.S. I’m really hoping that Mike (Jenny’s adorable gay roommate) gets a book of his own *crosses fingers*


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Have you read any girlie love books? What did you think?

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  1. Just like you I need to hit myself with a dose of boldness and courage. F/F never really received any of my love or attention but if I can go M/M, why not F/F? *walks back and forth and ponders* At the core I’m looking for love, romance and smut, which KT has going on in her novel, going by your review ;) *sigh* Will someone just throw me into the deep end of the pool so I can swim or sink :D

    I loved your review KC and brag all you want, you deserve it as you join the female love group ;)

  2. @Leontine *pushes Leontine into deep end* does that help? And yes, the smut is good. I found myself having to step back and do this *fans self*

  3. Wonderful review! Makes me want to read this one asap! If SHB’s is putting their stamp of approval on an f/f AND May/December romance it must be good!! Yay!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your first FF romance and it was mine :)

  5. Great review! It made me kinda curious about this new-to-me-genre. Still, I’m a bit shy. I know, romance is romance and love is love. But is smut also smut when it’s f/f? I’m afraid it will put me off somehow. How prejudiced of me, huh? Well, maybe I need that push you gave Leontine too ;)

  6. @Fiction Vixen when you read this one I’ll make you a pretty blog button that says ” I heart Girlie Love”. Isn’t that exciting????

    @KB you’ve taken me where no author has taken me before.

    @Janna I will say this, it did take me a bit to get used to girl on girl because I’m so used to reading m/f or m/m but KB really pulls you in with the writing. I also realized how uneducated I was in how girls interact ‘intimately’ so I learned something new ;)

  7. I’ve read more books that have this aspect to it than the m/m aspect. So, I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you… ;) that you haven’t read any yet.

    Congrats on your coming out! :D

  8. @Melissa *mouth opens in shock* really?

    *preens* thanks for congrats(ing) me

  9. I like the f/f genre and am looking forward to when I can finally sit down and read Katiebabs chook’s book.

    I think the thing that struck me when I first read f/f was how hot I found it. I wasn’t sure that I would, but it didn’t take me long to get hooked. :)

    Glad that you enjoyed it, KC!

  10. @Kris I thought I only had eyes for Angelina Jolie, after reading Lovestruck I now (read) swing both ways :) I was amazed on how erotic I found f/f romance.

  11. Well, Angelina is smokin’ that’s for damned sure. :D

    It’s interesting that we both had the same reaction. Then again I think that, what ever the pairing, erotica and romance will work as long as the reader is convinced by it.

  12. @Kris I agree. Erotica is erotica and if writen, well I’m game for wherever the story takes me. Well, almost anything.

  13. Well done on you hon for taking this bold move.

    I have read quite a few f/f books and I do like that genre alot…


  14. i like may/december romances, but like many (most?) others have never read a f/f romance. thanks for describing your reading experience, it might help the rest of us get over that hump *g*

  15. @EH I just gave myself a pat on the back ;)

    @Lusty Reader I wasn’t sure if I would hop on the girlie love reading bandwagon, but the author drew me in and I hardly noticed I was reading about two females. Well, maybe not during sexy time ;)

  16. Nice review KC! Can’t say that I’m interested but I feel like its a step up that I read your review and took your thoughts into consideration. I even went as far as to read the author provided excerpt but unfortunately, couldn’t get very far. Hey, I tried!

    Hugs, VFG

  17. @VFG Proud of you for even getting that far ;) Girls kissing girls, not for everyone.

  18. I’d like to thank you for giving this book a chance, and for your very thoughtful review. KT worked her tail off polishing this book and making it the best it could be. She deserves the kudos, and I’m very proud of her. :-)