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Beast Meet Beauty…Stealing Kathryn by Jacquelyn Frank

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Genre Paranormal Romance


#2 The Gatherers


Kindle $5.11

“So you’re just as innocent of women as I am of men,” she realized as her closed hand rode down his entire length.

“I’ve been with many women in the realms of their dreams.”

“And I’ve been with Gerard Butler in the realms of my dreams.”

She laughed as he whipped his tounge around her navel once more, then drew a straight line down. “I must say, that’s, like porno impressive.”


How could I not read this book with a teaser like this..

You are so easy, he remarked. “Just a nibble on your neck and you’re ready to throw open your legs for me.”

 And then I knew…I. Need. This. Book.

Adrian is the Freddy Kruger of the dream realm. He reaps dark energy off of human nightmares, feeding off of fear, darkness, and people’s deepest darkest desires to siphon energy to his people. Katheryn is an innocent; she doesn’t know she is encountering Adrian in her dreams…or in her case, nightmares. Lured by her  dark need for forced seduction, Adrian kidnaps her and places her in his treasure room. Outside the dream realm, he is hideously formed with fangs, hunchback, and a deformed face. Is Kathryn’s innocent power enough to save his soul….?

Stealing Kathryn is an erotic take on the story of The Beauty and The Beast transported to the realm of dreams. Adrian, a Guardian lives off of energy, in order to keep his people alive he enters dreams and feeds off of people’s dark desires and fear. Without this he people would starve – after many years he has lost his emotions and humanity.   Given to extreme displays of rage and in several scenes he actually backhands his sister Aerlyn – Adrian is a beast.  Frank expounds on why he behaves this way but just prepare yourselves, his character is a tad ‘dark’.

Kathryn on the other hand is an innocent who captivates Adrian to the point that he steals her away for his own pleasure. I did feel that Kathryn conceded a bit quickly given that this crazy, monster-beast kidnaps her, scares her to death and yet she “knows” she needs to treat him with kindness. That somehow her amplification of goodness and kindness will rehabilitate his brutish ways.  Hookay…I’m a huge fan of the whole dark warrior kidnaps the innocent maid, I have a whole shelf dedicated to Jaid Black’s Viking series, however, Frank’s use of Kathryn’s ‘innocence’ was flimsy and a bit forced. Her immediate compliance made her appear weak-willed and powerless. Had Frank focused more on the relationship build-up where Kathryn can see that Adrian isn’t’ really a monster, but that his Guardian duties have made him the way he is, I would have bought this reconstruction through innocence angle a bit more.  Also, after Adrian claims her as his kadrin (mate), she is never allowed to go back to her family, a point that was EXTREMELY glossed over.

What I liked most about Stealing Kathryn is Frank’s ability to weave sensual, erotic scenes throughout the book. That’s code for hot sexy time.   Kathryn and Adrian’s first time is when he is still somewhat of a beast and if I hadn’t read a few Nancy Friday stories, I think I would have had to speed dial my therapist and ask her why I think deformed animals are sexy.   At times, in his ‘beast form’ Adrian was described as being twice the size of a man…’down there’… which combined with Kathryn’s innocent but curious nature made these scenes very sensual and dare I saw naughty.   And the things he did with his claws *bits lip* you’ll just have to read and find out.

All in all Stealing Kathryn is an erotic/paranormal hybrid that integrates one of my most beloved fairy tales with some erotic steaminess. Despite some ho-hums regarding the main heroine I was still able to enjoy the story and am secretly online shopping for future Halloween costumes for hubs:

  • claws
  • fangs
  • hunchback


For those of you liked Rapture, or rough n’ tuff beasties, this one’s for you.


| Hunting Julina #1 – Amazon   or Kindle $3.99 |

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  1. I heart you. And I am so with you on liking a darker hero who’s not afraid to take what he wants even if it’s “technically” kidnapping. I mean, it’s my fantasies, I’ll like what I want.
    I did not like the first one in this series though and good sexy times aside, this one doesn’t sound too great either. I’ll probably break down and get it anyway. Eventually. I’m weak.

  2. Yumm..dark warrior and innocent maid. So she trusts him immediately and gives up her family…I would if the dark warrior gave me lots of nakey nakey time :)

    I’ve never read Jacquelyn Frank…honestly..don’t know if I ever will.

  3. I’ve only read one book by her (Ecstasy) and loved it! I must give this one a try!

  4. I read one of her books, but it was the series with the shadows… and I didn’t like it so much- mainly because it seemed like she didn’t spend enough time on the characters– but someone had mentioned her other books were much better. I like the concept of this one, but I’m just not sure….

  5. I’m not a big fan of Frank’s other work but your review really sold me on this one.

  6. @Queen B I want to read Hunting Julian…he’s feeds off of smex, which endears me to him. I just can’t quit J Frank.

    @Mandi This author is just okay, I bought her during my break up with Feehan’s Carpathians. I’ve only liked 3 books she’s written out of the 10 or so I’ve bought…why do I keep buying her books…

    @Colette OMG you must read Rapture so much better than Ecstasy.

    @Moonsanity I read her Shadowdweller series and only cared for the 2nd bk Rapture. This author is a hit or miss with me, she is a good writer, but often times I either really really like her books or I don’t. Our relationship is very hot and cold. If you didn’t care for the Shadow series you may not care for this one, very similar.

    @KB Honestly, I’m not sure if you’ll like this one Babs…it is just okay vast improvement from her Nightwalker series IMO ’cause she throws in the sexy.

  7. I haven’t actually read this book (it’s in my TBR pile), but what I’ve read of it seemed much better than Hunting Julian (which I almost bought but changed my mind after skimming it at the bookstore). I think it’s probably the difference in “heroes”, I like the dark and tortured souls. :)

  8. @Eva dark, tortured heros never get old for me. I’m obsessed with books with the Beauty & the Beast angle ::hides Disney poster movie::

  9. I’ve never read any of Frank’s books.. sounds pretty hot and my favorite hero is the dark and tortured type so maybe I should check it out :D

  10. I love the Beauty and Beast angle, but I’m not so sure of this beauty. If she appears too weak it just might annoy me. Still, might be worth a look.

  11. @Heather sometimes I like Frank sometimes I don’t, this one spoke to me due to my obsession with Beauty & the Beast stories.

    @Melissa the heroine was just a little too forgiving IMO, he kidnaps her & she can never see her family again, yet she can get past this really fast. Didn’t bother me…just something that stood out & made my eye brow do this *arches right brow*

  12. jaymzangel

    am laughing my ass off. also curious as to how your hubs is gonna take the hunchback thing. especially after pushing his threshold with the furry jockstrap *snicker*

  13. HAHAH! well dayum i am sold girl. SOLD! I havent taken to the few Frank books ive read, she doesnt really blow my skirt up but i want this book. Like WANT IT!! Come to me Beast, and bring your claws with you…RAWR!!

    A super funny and awesome review as always smokin!

    Dammit! im gonna break my book ban arent i?!?! *chews nails*

  14. @Jaymzangel I feel like if I approach from the ‘this will be a cool Halloween costume angle” my chances of success will be higher. Right?

    @Claire If you lived closer I’d send this one to you. Frank’s newer releases are way more erotic than her Nightwalker series, therefore your skirt will ‘blow up’.

  15. Great review! I’ve enjoyed this author’s other books, some more than others, sure, but I was definitely less than impressed with Hunting Julian. Maybe I’ll give this book a shot if my library ever gets a copy.

  16. @Emily I probably wouldn’t have liked this one as much if not for the Beauty & the Beast angle.

  17. Hmm, I gave up on Frank back in the early days after forcing myself through JACOB and GIDEON. Although, STEALING KATHRYN sounds rather tasty and I’m curious about this sexy beast that grows twice the size of a normal man. Oh yeah, definitely curious.

    Thanks for reviewing this one, KC. I wouldn’t have given it another thought if I hadn’t read yours. And now, I’m really thinking about it.

    Hugs, VFG

  18. @VFG *cough* he…uh is big ‘all over’ if you know what I mean ;) I like Frank’s newer releases, more erotic.

  19. I’m kind of middle of the road on JF. This review makes me want to give her another try. I like the dark heroes.