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Tease Me by Tracy Wolff Review (ARC)

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Genre: Erotic Suspense

Release Date: April 6th 2010 (304 pages)

Purchase: Amazon 

Book Received from author for review

Burned once too often, true crime writer Lacey Richards has sworn off love. Instead, she explores her deepest desires through her anonymous- and very provocative-blog. Anonymous, that is, until her dark and ultrasexy neighbor discovers her dirty secret.

Stockbrocker-turned-carpenter Byron Hawthorne gave up life in the fast lane, hoping to start over in a new city. When he learns his alluring neighbor is the one writing the sizzling blog that keeps him up all night, he can’t resist offering to fulfill her fantasies in the flesh. But Byron isn’t the only man provoked by Lacey’s writing. Little does she know that her investigations for her true crime novel are leading her down a dangerous path into the underground world of sex trafficking.


Tease Me is a fast-pasted erotic thriller that has just enough spice to keep the story interesting but does not detract from the suspense of the main storyline. I enjoyed the fact that this was not a run-of the mill erotic romance and instead, was a sophisticated erotic thriller that offered more than just a few quick sexual dalliances.

Byron, an awol stock broker, has gone to New Orleans to start fresh as a carpenter. He finds himself intrigued by the mysterious author of the blog, What A Girl Wants. He is desperate to find his mysterious erotic fan-girl and full-fill her written desires. Little does he know, the sexy red-head across the courtyard is the illustrious author he has been panting for. 

(You know when you catch eyes with someone and time stands still?  That’s kind of how I felt when I read Lacey seeing Bryon for the first time).

After noticing Byron watching her, Lacey, emboldened by her own fantasies,  teases Byron with a little erotic tête-à-tête that turns from harmless fun into a raging inferno. (WARNING….This is the sexiest peeping tom scene I’ve read in awhile). HOT, HOT, HOT!

I’ll be honest I did have some trouble connecting with Lacey, I felt she “doth protested too much” with Bryon when it came to the DTR talk. (For the uninitiated, that’s Define the Relationship). I understand, once bitten, twice shy, but she went a bit overboard with her desire to have a physical but not emotional relationship. Ummm, hello, last time I checked that’s pretty impossible to do if you have lady parts. I also felt that after she was kidnapped Lacey changed her tune pretty quickly when Byron rescues her from forced sexual slavery. I think I would have liked less of Lacey’s “twice bitten” issues and had the story focus more on the suspense. 

 Okay, I know it’s weird to connect with the villain but I felt Gregory was an interesting character.  Cold, creepy, and in charge of illegal sex trade (there I go with the bad boys again), his intensity to pursue Lacey added a interesting suspense angle that if not there I’m not sure I would have enjoyed this story as much. 

Overall I enjoyed the suspense, fantasy, desire and emotion from  Tease Me.  This story has many dimensions and is a well-written, sophisticated erotic read.


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  1. Can I just lick the cover?? There isn’t a smutty reader out there who has enough smut on the shelves or e-reader. A ‘sophisticated erotic read’, hhmmm you have me chewing on this phrase *ponder, ponder* have I ever read a sophisticated erotic novel?? I do not think so :D Does that make me cheap??

  2. Oh yes – nice cover

    I love to “love” villians! They can make a story.

  3. @Leontine in my eyes you are always top dollar

    @Mandi I can’t help but like the bad boys

  4. Hello! That’s one hot cover!

    Not sure if I’m feelin’ the story too much though… And the whole idea of this guy trying to find a girl because of her blog is a little creepy in the sense that we, um, have blogs… Am I being irrational in this regard?

    But, the “sexiest peeping tom scene” has got my inner hussy intrigued. Alright, so I’m totally on the fence. What to do, what to do??

    Thanks for getting my brain turning with this review, KC.


  5. @VFG actually Byron’s friend introduces him to the blog. He is intrigued but not in a creepy stalker way with the blogger. He considers her his dream girl, kinda cute.

  6. Just a sweet simple love story, eh? :) Actually it sounds interesting. I’m curious about the peeping tom scene. Thanks for the review.

  7. Awwwwww, alright then, not creepy. Good. I might have to give this one a try then. Thanks for the clarification, KC!

    Hugs, VFG

  8. Oh man… Okay.. I am just going to pet this cover freaking foreva when I get my hands on it…. Leontine… I wonder, does that make us cheap, lmbo!
    Great review KC!
    Hope you have a great day!!!!

  9. @Melissa Lacey sees that Byron is staring at her across from the courtyard and we’ll she puts on quite a show for Bryon ::fan’s self::

    @VFG any time :)

    @Cecile The cover is gorgeous!

  10. I’m adding this to my TBR. Sounds interesting and I do like a good, suspensful story. I would also like to make out with that cover, is that so wrong?
    As always, good job K.C.!

  11. I spelled *suspenseful* wrong. F me I hate it when I do that…forgive me.

  12. @Mar this is a blog that doesn’t judge on spelling boo-boos. Dear god the other day I put in face pace read instead of “fast” pace.

    P.S. You are not alone we all want to make out with the cover :)

  13. jaymzangel

    ack woman! I’m supposed to be on a book buying hiatus, how can I do that when you tempt me with lines like this?? “(WARNING….This is the sexiest peeping tom scene I’ve read in awhile). HOT, HOT, HOT!” *runs off with cover*

  14. I also find myself attracted to the bad guy sometimes, even when it’s inappropriate. I’m glad to someone else does that too. :)

  15. @Jaymzangel *evil laugh* Just say no to book buying budget

    @Donna okay good glad I’m not the only one that likes that bad guys.

  16. That is a real hot cover….

    But what is a sophisticated read?? Mmmm I love that word sophisticated, you should ask Leontine, I use that word a lot!

  17. @Marissa the writing was very eloquent – prose(y) I just made up that word…