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Why I Took Jaqueline Frank Out of My NEVER AGAIN Pile

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RaptureAlas it ‘twas a long time between my favorite authors newest releases and I was starting to froth at the mouth from having reading withdrawals. Here I was with a gracious two-week period of nothing but FREE TIME and I had nothing to read, a cruel Trojan horse of a gift.

As I headed off to my nearest B&N I couldn’t help but glance at the newest releases. I felt like Howie Mandel in Little Monster’s staring at the books and chanting ‘got ‘em’, need ‘em, need ‘em, got ‘em’. So I spy Jacqueline Frank’s new book, The Rapture and for some odd reason my NEVER AGAIN stance, -made after reading her Elijah book, fly’s out the window. I felt like I had tossed $10 on lucky number 13, (black of course) and took the gamble hoping it would pay off and I would break even.

I hadn’t realized I had picked up the second book in her new series and that this was a branch of her Nightwalker series only this one focus on the ‘Shadowdwellers’, a species I’m still fuzzy about who they are and what creature of the night they represent. Rapture takes place in the underground sanctuary of the shadowdwellers where priests and their handmaidens (best description would be wife??) run a seminary/school for younglings. Now, for those thinking that their religious rites are similar to ours, please be warned, some people took major offense that their priests are sexually active and that in their race sexual education is a required coarse with models to demonstrate the, ehem, more finer points of the love-making process. I must say I was astounded at the difference in her writing, it made me call up my partner in crime and state, “she’s back and it’s like Jacob”, code for it’s safe to purchase and you won’t be disappointed.

Points I liked about this series
1. No drab or boring characters here, be warned that if you do NOT like erotica then this series might be a little too stimulating for you. 

2. See point one, who doesn’t like erotica! I would place this on the softer side of the erotica spectrum but wow, totally unexpected from this author and she definitely gets a gold star for reinventing herself.

3. I’m digging her paranormal, retro-chick, medieval world and although I am not a historical romance fan, the best way to describe this series would be to say it’ a hybrid of paranormal and erotica channeling a medieval vibe. I for one am ok with this historical venue just so long as we are not catapulted to the ol’ west with cowboy romances. Give me a Scottish warrior, kilt and all, over the Marlboro man any day!

4. As a reader you can tell that she likes the premise of this series a bit better and is more comfortable with the plot lines and dialogue scenes. She is not as flowery and does not loose you in the monotony of ‘over-dialougeization’ translated -too much damn talking!

Overall, I am left feeling pleasantly surprised and I will be buying the next book in this series entitled Pleasures. {Due out August, you can find it on my calendar}

Scene Preview:

“Can I touch you to take these evil things off you?” he asked softly. {in reference to her chains}

“Are you really a priest?” she asked with suspicion as she looked over his uniform. She was searching for some kind of flaw that would reveal a deception, he realized. {Daenaira}

“Yes. I am a priest. And you, little spitfire, are going to be my handmaiden.”

That made her laugh. She started with a soft snort, but then belted out enthused amusement that might have made him smile if he wasn’t so appalled by all he was seeing and learning.

“Okay, first of all, I am clearly not religious material, M’jan….um….”

“Magnus. M’jan Magnus.”


Holy shit! She had spit in the face of a priest!

“Oh gods,” she groaned. “They definitely let you burn in the Light  afterlife for something like that.”  Not that she was a heavily religious woman, but she believed that much at the very least.

 And Scene.

This is the second book of Frank’s Shadowdweller’s series, Ecstasy is her first book of this newish series.  If you’ve read any of her Nightwalker books let me know, because I almost gave up on her, this series is waaaaaay better.


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  1. I read Jacob and loved that book, I got every book release thereafter but somehow they do not call to me. I think I am holding back because I heard so many negative voices that I want to hold on to that positive vibe of Jacob. One day I will read book 2, I just know it, just like Lynn Viehls series, I have read book 1 which had a few things that was on edge for me but still the overall was interesting enough for me to buy the rest of the series.

    My point? I heard about this new series of J. Frank and that it is set in a completely dark world…hhhhmmm okay. Then I read this post and I think; wow, this might actually be something for me! But I still have doubts. Will ponder on it for a while but I know the feeling about being pleasantly surprised *grin* One of the best feelings in the world. Are you having a 2 week vacation time on your hand?

  2. Great review! I read all of the Nightwalkers series and Elijah had me screaming, not the good the way. I have Ecstasy but haven’t read it yet but will soon. Thanks for smoothing over my way to reading it. :)

  3. AHH…I haven’t any of her books yet. I didn’t realize she had a series besides the Jacob, Noah etc…

    Will be putting Ecstasy on my wishlist!! Thanks!

  4. I’m so glad I caught this review. I’ve been on the fence with this series even though I’ve heard great things about it. I think I’ll give it a try once I get caught up. Thank you!

  5. K.C.! I’m so freakin’ releived right now, you’ve no idea!! Like you, I gave up on Jackie Frank and put her in my NEVER AGAIN pile as well. My hats off to you though for getting much farther into her Nightwalker series than I. And I have the entire series too btw. Yikes! I gave up after ‘Gideon’. So NOT what I was expecting, especially after really enjoying ‘Jacob’.

    But then I saw her newest series and I couldn’t stop myself from buying ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Rapture’. I’m a horrid impulse buyer. But now, after reading your fabulous review, my buyer’s remorse has flown out the window and replaced with a giddiness to jump into this series. Thanks!

    BTW, it was your points that sold me. Lovin’ it!!!!

    ;0) VFG

  6. Hi Leontine,

    The rest of Jackie Frank’s Nightwalker bks are collecting dust on my shelf and will probably never be calling to me again. Shadowdwellers waaaaaay better, sexier, edgier, and calling my name. :)

  7. Hi Donna,

    When I read Elijah, I think I noded off a few times. I just could not for the lift me get into any of her other Nightwalker books. This new series keeps me way more entertained :)

    Hi Mandi,
    Perhaps it was best you hadn’t read the Nightwalker series…b/c now you can spend mulah on her Shadowdwellers series and walk away smiling.

  8. Hi Munk,

    BTW Have I told you, I’m obsessed with your twitter avatar…I wants it!

    Hi VampFanGirl,

    I kept hoping after Gideon that her series would pick up and I would see light at the end of the tunnel. Fast forward after Damien’s book, still nothing, nada, no sparks. I had major buyer’s remorse and was pouting for a really long time, hence why I only bought her book a week ago.

    So glad I gave into my inner book buying demon and bought her new stuff, this is a series that I can sink my teeth into. Happy reading, let me know how you like her books when you get a chance :)

  9. i’m glad i found ur blog. i completely agree about JFrank, so i’m glad to know she has written something worth reading. looking forwad to ur future posts.