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Bad Moon Rising – The Werehunter’s Romeo and Juliet

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badmoonThis book has it all, seamless plot sequences weaved intricately from previous books, action and some unfortunate deaths. I read through this book so quickly that I feel like I need to go back through and re-read it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I am most impressed with Ms. Kenyon as she had to go back in time to Vane and Wren’s stories to pick up with Fang and Aimee Peltier’s story. In this novel we get the chance to get a more up-close and personal view of the infamous Peltier werebears. If you can remember A LONG TIME AGO, we were first introduced to Fang in Night Play, where he was attacked by Daimons and left for dead. He barely survived and later went into a cationic coma. Only to find out in this book that he really isn’t in a coma like everyone is lead to believe, oh no, he is trapped and being tortured by demons, not to be confused with Damions. Aimee must find all 8 Daimons and kill them in order to free Fang from the demonic Nether Realm, where if you can’t run fast enough you’ll end up some demon’s dinner.

I love all of Kenyon’s books (yes even the Dream Warrior books), but I thought it was a little unfortunate that Aimee and Fang seemed to spend most of the time in the book away from each other, but the action of the other characters helped with that little nuance. This is where Kenyon really has the keen ability to go back to her previous stories and be able to have a new story develop that occurs along the same timeline as her previous stories. A true stroke of genius at times! I don’t know how she does it, or if she has one kick ass editor, but this is one author that does not shirk on the details, no story shift here *cough* like some authors I’ve read. It’s times like these though, that I wish I had created an excel spread sheet to keep all of the characters straight! I do agree with some of the criticism that this book spent wayyyyyyy too much time on reviewing things that most of us already knew and thus cut into some serious QT Aimee and Fang time. My advice, don’t rush through the book expecting to have newer plot developments as the book is in essence a review of previous events. In a good way though.

That being said, the most surprising event happened toward the end of the book, with a showdown between two powerful werehunter clans that lead to the deaths of two very important figureheads. Oh no, no spoiler here on who dies, you’ll have to read it to find out buwhahahaha. Savitar gives out some major tough love that majorly affects Sanctuary. Gawd what a brute! I am left with wondering how will Sanctuary survive without the protection of Savitar and the convent of come in peace or leave in pieces? You’ll also discover an important secret Aimee has been hiding from her family, make sure to pay attention to the prologue or you won’t have as much of an A-Ha moment when reviled. Also, the line of the Katagania vs. the Arcadians seems to be somewhat dissipating and with the union of Aimee and Fang, this will be a powerful instigator of whether or not there will be peace between the Katagania and Arcadian werehunters.

Fav Character Newbie: Thorn, none of none other than Satan himself, who has his own band of warriors who offer protection from demons of the underworld.
Thorn: “Think of me like a governor or a wrangler. It’s my job to make sure that the inmates here obey the laws, especially when they go out on parole.” He is like a much cuter, sexier Dog the bounty hunter!

Guest Appearances:
Vane and Bride
Valerius and Ash

And Scene: Nether Realm
They closed in on one of the zombies he’d seen. Grabbing her, they tore through her neck with their teeth. She screamed out, then went silent and limp as the Harvesters seemed to inhale her essence. They cast her lifeless body aside as they searched for another victim.
Misery placed her finger to her lips to remind him to be silent.
“What are they doing?” he {Fang} projected to her.
“I told you, they’re taking a part of them and leaving them stuck in this place forever. They are now the Harvesters’ slaves and will do whatever they ask.”
“The Harvester trade their collected parts to demons and their ilk in exchange for borrowing the demons’ bodies so that they can escape from here time to time. They run us into the ground so that the can barter us. But they’re not the only ones to be wary of. There are other demons who will try to enslave or torture you. This is a dangerous place of all of us…”
(Aimee and Fang)
“I don’t know. Hasn’t anyone ever rubbed you the wrong way?” Fang
“Yes, You a great deal of the time. But notice I haven’t beat your head in yet.” Aimee
He pulled her hand away from his face so that he could stare up at her. “Then why do you keep coming around me?” {Fang}
“It must be from the rock Remi hit me in the head with when I was 13. The concussion must have gone deeper than any of us guessed.” {Aimee}

Happy reading, share your thoughts on Fang and Aimee’s story.

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  1. Marie K

    Smokinhot, I so agree with the Aimee and Fang time. I would have liked to see some more Aimee and Fang time but I too loved the sneak attack ending. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where she takes Sanctuary and the werehunters in her next books.

  2. Savitar!!!! I wants me Savitar, I so luuurve him. Me hearts Savitar. And I so don’t want him to die! I’ve got this book on my way and along with Dreamfever will be read asap. Can’t wait to find out afterreading your review. Can I asume that the new series ARC has not really commenced yet then KC?

  3. Hi Leontine,

    I absolutely cannot wait for Savitar’s book! I have not heard anything about a new series, but I will be on the look out for sure. You’ll have to let me know how you like the book when you get a chance to read it. Dreamfever is soooo next on my list, all I have to say there better be some major lip action with Barrons and Mac!

  4. Hi Marie K,

    Me too! The werehunters are my fav *wisper* even more than the Dark Hunters.

  5. yay, Wren makes an appearance!!! I have this book and hope to start it soon. Great non-spoiler review!!!

    Did you just mention lip action with Barrons?? I am starting to feel faint ;)

  6. Hi K.C.! Great review!

    I’m shamefully behind on the Dark-Hunter series. *sigh* I think the last one I read was ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. What is that? Like six books back now? It’s horrible! I have all the current releases too, in hardback nonetheless. Will remedy this soon. Thanks for the spoiler-free review!

    ;) VFG

  7. Finally Fang and Aimee’s story. What great guest appearances! I can’t wait to read this book!

  8. Hi Mandi,
    You’ll have to let me know how you like it:) I’m praying that KMM offers some serious lip action w/ Barrons and Mac, honestly thats all I want for Augus, is that too much to ask…?

    Hi VampFanGirl
    I had to restrain myself from adding spoilers, many edits later and wa-la I removed them. I’m mentally calcualting the cost of 6 Hard Back books, *blink*, let me know if you need any 411, I’m like in the process of making a S. Kenyon character tree.

    Hi Colette
    I know, I’ve been waiting for Fang and Aimee’s story since like forever, er 2003 at least. You’ll have to stop by again and let me know how you liked the book!!!!

  9. Just posted my review for this one today too!

    I loved LOVED it! :P

  10. Hi Zeek,
    I’m just coming back from reading your review :) I’m glad to meet another Night Play fav reader, still after all this time my fav Kenyon book thus far.

  11. Ophelliah Marieannah Makinnion

    So im not really a fan of these books , im more of a black dagger lover , but i read a little bit of this and was quite confused, So do Fang and Aimiee have a baby or what? IM CONFUSED!

  12. @Ophelliah A lot of people felt Bad Moon Rising was a rehash of events already mentioned in other books. Over half the book is a flash back of when Fang first meets Aimiee – this book is not for everyone.

    LOL, no they do not have a baby in this one.

    PS. BDB series rocks!!!