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Lucky Number Seven My All Male Hawt Hollywood PNR List

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If I had my way, all the paranormal romance books I love would turn into awesome Hollywood blockbusters.   Casting is key, if only I had Spielberg on speed dial to cast my favorite alpha male characters for the big screen.  These are the top 7 male characters from my favorite books and the hawt actors who should play them in real life.  It will be so much easier when I can hit pause and drool incessantly. 

7. Jerrico Barrons:  Gerald Butler including the abs from 300.  He’s got the accent and sex appeal
     Karen Marie Moning’s Fae Series
Gerald Butler for Jericho Barrons

6. Eidolon:  Dr. 90210? Just kidding, I think George Clooney should hands down play the sexy doctor!
LarisGeorge Clooney for Eidolon Larissa Ione's Demonica Seriessa Ione’s Demonica Series







5. Cadeon Woede: Chris Pines, Star Trek hottie, add a British accent he has the cocky attitude and good looks!
     Kresley Cole’s IAD Series
Chris Pines for Cadeon Wood


4. Revhenge:Johnny Deep, he can literally play any character, CGI in some muscles, dress him in purple, add a cane, ta-da he is my version of Revhenge.  My choice for the Spanish Rev Javier Bardem. 
J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Series
Johnny Depp for Revhenge







3. Devyn:Colin Farell plus glitter
 Gena Showalter’s Seduce the Darkness
Colin Farrell  for Devyn Seduce the Darkness







2. Zadist:Marcus(Sam Worthington) from Terminator Salvation, put a few scars on him, hide the Australian accent and he is my perfect Zadist.
J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Series
Marcus from Terminator for Zadist








1. Jared Leto for AcheronJared Leto for AcheronAcheron:  This one is tough because it’s Acheron for God’s sake. Vince Vaghn is tall, but lacks the crazy sex appeal, after much deliberation  I had to think outside the box and settled on Jared Leto.  Remove the black eyeliner, add a few feet for height, add some kick ass goth boots, and you’ve got the intense gaze of Acheron in my opinion.  
Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series



Add your lucky 7 Alpha males or mix and match with my list for your Hawt Hollywood PNR hotties.   Happy Reading!!!!

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  1. Can I have a date with your Barrons *grin* I would not mind to spend a few hours with him!!

  2. Is it too greedy to want to date all of them at once..?

  3. Testing Comment Section,

  4. Hopefully comment section is working if not WordPress and I are going to have a girl fight, may or may not be hair pulling.

  5. Mmm… Yum. I’d take any of those…

    Just, as practically an IAD nerd, it’s Cadeon WOEDE, not Cadeon Wood. And he’s totally my favourite IAD hunk too…

  6. HI Shishi,

    Perhpas I had too much smutty stuff on the brain and use Wood in place of Woede *grin* thanks for letting me know my boo boo. If I had to chooce out of all the IAD series I think Bowen and Cadeon would be my first choices. Can’t a girl have her cake and eat it too. :)

  7. Eh Gerard, such a man