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Kresley Cole… ‘We’re Not Worthy, We’re Not Worthy’

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wdoawn_sm Kresley Cole is by far one of my favorite paranormal authors. She has it all, witty dialogue, strong female leads, interesting and unique plot lines, and an uncanny ability to maintain continuity in her stories. (I’m practically gushing). 
Ms. Cole’s Immortal After Dark Series makes it to the top of my must read paranormal romance list, she has set the stage to be able to write about so many different ‘otherworld’ species.  The premise for her series surrounds all species of the lore; vampires, Valkyrie, Witches, Lykae, Demons, Wraiths and so on; all co-existing within our world. Every couple hundred years the immortals must all come to battle in what is termed an ascension, essentially mother nature’s way of ‘culling’ the immortal heard. Currently, her series starts right at the cusp of this ascension and so far the ascension is in the not so distant future.
Her latest installment in the series Kiss of the Demon King was a sizzler! I have to admit the Demon brother (Cade) and the Lykae (Bowen) happen to be my favorite characters. The dialogue is always witty and fun. She has a way of writing male leads that are interesting and sexy without being overly masculine or feminized. Too many authors suffer from what I like to refer to as ‘over-alphamisim.” Where the men turn into raging cave-like beasts who’s sole purpose is to make the women submit to them (ehem, Ms. Lora Leigh). I enjoy this fantasy as much as the next woman, but it can be a bit repetitive, hence why I enjoy Kresley Cole, as she has a way of making her male leads believable even if they are demons or vampires.

My favorite books in her series so far: A Hunger Like No Other (1st full book – she has a short story Playing Easy to Get), Wicked Deeds on a Wicked Night, and Dark Desires After Dusk.  To quote my favorite show The Office, “Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling.”     

If you’ve  read Kresely Cole’s IAD series let us know what you think!

P.S.  You just have to love someone that quotes the movie Aliens, only the best movie ever.

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  1. Could not agree with you more (even about the — ahem — Lora Leigh comment). Kresley Cole is my favorite romance writer, period, and I think she is on top of the game. Every book is original, even though they’re in a series! I love it!