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Sherrilyn Kenyon, Why We Will Still Buy her ‘Schemmy’ Books

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Ok her latest releases after Achreon, well let’s be honest, kind of deserve a schemmy (to steal a Kathy Griffin-ism). Understandably, anything after Acheron is going to be a bit of a let down, but come on, no more ‘filler’ books!! Her latest release Dream Warrior, was not bad; it was no Night Play, (Vane and Bride’s Story), but still an entertaining read. The story lacked her usual writing ‘awesomeness’ and for me, the Dream Warriors/Hunter’s are my least favorite characters out of her series.   They seem to have been developed as interim characters lacking any real depth or relevance to her overall storyline. I was most disappointed with Fury’s story as he was ripped off. Fury deserved a full novel!  His short story lacked a real connection to the overall storyline,  with a lackluster female lead that was quite  forgettable.  However, aside from the above criticisms her books are ALWAYS well done and have a fluidity of re-introducing past characters and keeping them ‘in character’. 

Sherrilyn Kenyon despite her recent ‘schemmies’, is still a wonderful writer. Her latest releases are not bad by any means, I think they just lack her usual above par writing.  As an avid fan I just have come to expect more from such a creative writer.  I will remain as always, a loyal fan and would pick up anything with her name attached to it.  She writes a damn good story, and her series is one that you can read and re-read and it still stand the test of time without seeming ‘dated’ or lacking the original creativity of the first read. Ms. Kenyon remains in my ‘fav five’ and I look forward to her releases. 

My Sherrilyn Kenyon Wish List

I want another book for Tory and Archeron!  The 2nd half of Archeron just didn’t do it for me and I wanted to know more about their relationship. Hopefully, they will be featured a bit more in the stories to follow. 

Watch out for Bad Moon rising releasing August 4th, it’s Amy and Fang’s story, finally!!

Bad Moon Rising

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