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She’s Baaaack: J.R. Ward’s Lover Avenged 4 1/2 Smokinhot Stars

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jrw-cover-lav-bigThis book was all kinds of awesomeness! J.R. Ward’s 7th installment of Black Dagger Brotherhood series is a roller coaster ride leaving me, as always, wanting more.   A quick confession, I absolutely love her as a writer, but her previous 3 releases in this series were not as good as her first 3 books.   This book reads a lot like her 3rd book Lover Awakened, which is one of my all time favs.   All I have to say is Ward still got it. I could not put this book down had to stay up all night just to finish it.

This is the story of Rehevenge, full time drug lord, pimp, and half sympath.   You think you won’t, but you will fall in love with him.   Because he’s part sympath, his identity needs to be kept secret- the revelation of which will result in his banishment to a colony for sociopaths aka the Sympath Colony. Ward does such a great job with this character and what he has to do for survival. The love tension with Ehlena, a vampire untainted by corruption, somehow works the opposites attract angle. Rehevenge will risk everything for the people he loves, even it means banishment to the crazy Sympath colony. Ward, again takes you into a whole other world of the Brothers and now the Sympaths.

Spoiler Alert

If you’ve been on any of the forums you might have run across some comments regarding Rehv’s sympath half sister’s intimate relationship with Rehv.   His half sister is blackmailing him and as part of his payment he has to have creepy sex with her.   This sounds a lot worse then when you actually read it.   It really is not a pivotal shock scene (I’ve read worse thanks to Kate Douglas this is NOTHING).   It helps to understand his compassion, loyalty and why he would be attracted to Ehelna, a wholesome woman with a good head on her shoulders.   I think the Vicious book had way  darker undertones that shocked me more.

Things I liked about the book

  • Rehev’scharacter, you think you won’t, but you will fall in love with him
  • Action, Action, Action
  • Major Appearances by John Matthew and Xhex, Wrath
  • The Symphath Colony
  • Ehlena rescuing Rhev from the scorpions (this is probably one of the best written action scenes I’ve come across all year)
  • Things That Could Have Been Better

  • the focus on the main characters Ehlena and Rehvenge took a back seat to the side characters
  • The Final Sex Scene: Her main characters had a lot of almost there sexy moments, but the final “act” he has this *ahem barb (cough cough much like Lora Leigh’s Breed Series), it was almost like she blew over it. Blink and you might have missed the sentence all together. I think she needed to expand on this or remove it completely. It was such a pivotalpart as to why he could not be fully intimate with Ehlena, Ward didn’t really offer any explanation or detail, it seemed odd.
  • This is a small problem throughout her books, she has a hard time keeping “in character” for her extras (characters) mentioned in previous books ex: Mary,(I think she has like 5 sentences with all 7 books combined), Beth, Rhage, Phury, and Vicious. It kind of bugs me when these characters are mentioned they read really 1 dimensional. Her spotlight characters and main supporting characters are always well written. Authors that kick ass keeping their characters in character are Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Cole.
  • We give this one 4 1/2 Smokinhot stars. A great read filled with sexy moments, great dialogue, and gritty scenes. Sigh, now we have to wait until Oct 09 in order to get our hand on her next series Covet, it’s about angles. Pay close attention to a certain call girl in Rehevenge’s story, she may be the focal point for Covet (unconfirmed).

    If you’ve read the book let us know what you thought!

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    1. Nice review!!

      I totally agree Rehv was much more likable than I thought he would be and the final sex scene sucked – Wrath and Beth were much hotter in bed (or on the floor under a desk!)

      I want JM’s story now!!!! He is my man:)

    2. admin

      glad it wasn’t only me that noticed the lackluster sex scene! I came this close to a tear in my eye about JM and Xhex’s parting.

    3. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

    4. – da best. Keep it going!